“100 men were surveyed,
what country has the most intriguing woman?”
good answer, good answer

“oh.. that’s the number 2 answer. you have a chance to take it, what country has the most intriguing woman?”
incredulous clapping from her family

i wonder about people that get their 15 minutes by being on a game show on tv. i wonder.. those that do something stupid on tv, do they regret it? you see those reality shows and the recaps of people years after the show, and a trend i notice is all the fat people tend to lose significant amounts of weight.

for some reason, i cringe whenever i see koreans on tv. Not the two from Lost. They don’t bother me. but like… Paul Kim. I took a nap yesterday and woke up with the tv on in time to see the first person to be kicked of american idol this year.

when he talked, i thought, what a goober.


this was the first time i’ve watched family feud in a while. i used to like that one short host from years ago; the one before louie anderson. what happened to al? why isn’t he the host anymore. what you may know is the current host was a character on seinfeld who was elaine’s boss. he played a fictional j. peterman from the j. peterman catalog. what you may not know is that the j. peterman catalog was doing poorly and they approached the guy from seinfeld and now he’s on the board of the catalog and it’s now doing ok.

same question, another woman was asked.
“what country has the most intriguing woman?”

*roll eyes

conclusion: tv makes you dumb

the top answer, btw, was obviously the US

update: so i told about the family feud thing at church yesterday. not really because i thought it was funny, but to see what people would say. surprising how many people think london is a country.