i’ve been going to the gym a lot more lately. and if i don’t go to the gym, i’m doing sets upon reps on situps/pushups. last summer, a girl told me she liked big arms and yesterday, i measured my arms and they’re now 2 inches bigger since that conversation. (though they’re still puny)

someone told me in the beginning of january that she liked six packs. so. guess what i’ve been working on…

in the gym, there are a lot of mirrors

i wish i wasn’t a peacock

at the gym, everyone’s flashing their feathers. there’s no question why there’s so many mirrors at the gym. i look at myself and think.. yah.. i’m getting big. yah.. i’m losing weight. yah.. look at me.

i wish i wasn’t like that. wish i didn’t care. wish i could be confident enough of myself to not have to think about this.

but, i am a peacock, too.