generally, i sit in the back of every class.

as the teacher was going over the syllabus yesterday, the guy two seats in front of me needed to nervously ask a question. he would raise his hand, but (assuming he was trying not to be rude) lowered his hand every time the teacher looked the student’s way when the teacher was mid sentence. this teacher likes to talk without having breaks in his sentences.

this charade went on for at least five minutes.

i just looked at the guy next to me and rolled my eyes.

i realize i read a lot. i just don’t read a lot of books. i read the newspaper. i read sports articles on the net.

quoted from an article about the jason kidd

Nets president Rod Thorn told ESPN Insider’s Chris Sheridan on Sunday that there was only a “5 percent chance” that he would trade anyone on his roster by Thursday’s deadline.”

5%? How does the Nets president get that number? Can he perceive exactly 20 different realities and in only one of those is kidd traded?

the use of number percentages on arbitrary terms is simply ludicrous.

people that wear bluetooth headsets all the time.

i don’t think i have to say more about that

what is up with this weather?

i don’t care that derek jeter and a-rod are no longer best friends. i don’t care britney spears checked out of rehab. i don’t care where anna nicole gets buried.

side notes
1. as i predicted, joanne gets ice cream for signing my guestbook
2. though sarah was second, she’ll get ice cream just because it was her birthday

five brownie points to the person that can tell me where i stole this background from. if i counted up all the brownie points i gave, i think gloria would have the most. i’ll keep track of brownie points (for no reason other than to keep track) i’m not exactly sure what brownie points are. i’m assuming it has to do with the female equivalent of cub scouts.