it’s her, whispered through the trees
so refreshing is the breeze
the touch consumes my very soul
and takes my hand, a midnight stroll
then sadly waves good bye at dawn
and without thought, gone

i was watching jeopardy today. teen jeopardy i believe. the answer was something like: “this sport was invented in the 1970’s by (inventor)” and they showed a picture of a guy with a body board.

first – girl: “what is surfing” no
second – boy: “what is wakeboarding” no
third – boy: “what is skimboarding” no
alex trabec: “we were looking for body boarding. actually i never heard of it either till this question”

conclusion: nerds have never been to the beach.

i recently noticed something. there’s a group of restaurants that i’ve been constantly craving and visiting lately. lucky boy in pasadena. the hat. mr baguette on valley. baja fresh. what do they have in common. peppercinis. my mouth salivates so much when i see them, my taste buds hurt.

i wish i went to lucky boys

so… since my last post, i actually passed 10,000 hits. i actually passed it the day after i posted it. not sure who the 10,000th hit is though. someone from my sister’s website. because i don’t know. i’ll give ice cream to the first person to sign my guestbook.