it’s been about two weeks since my last update. in all honesty, i didn’t realize it was that long ago. i’m writing from the computer lab and as i’m speaking i see a little ticker counting down the end of this session.

i probably won’t stay here long enough to see the end of it

i’m incredibly hungry.

i think having a blog consumes my very soul. at night, before i sleep, i make promises to myself, searching for ideas to post on the blog so my loyal readers would be satisfied. by morning, most of the ideas have faded. i could write about the countless movies i’ve seen in the last couple months. about praise and it’s practice. about people i miss and don’t miss. about how i get phone reception in this basement. or about time.

lately, i’ve been contemplating how tedious sports are. don’t get me wrong; i love playing. but as i was repeatedly returning spin and curve from elliot last saturday, i wondered.. we play to twenty-one, then we start again at zero.

pastor alex is leaving this week. without realization, he became an important piece in my practically non-existant religious life. someone new will come along in time, soon or distant, and the void he left will be filled. i’m old enough to know and understand the cycle of it. there are endings and there are beginnings. people move on and so must i.

but it becomes tedious; the getting-to-know-each-other phase and the feeling-each-other-out phase, starting from zero. it’s time-consuming, frustrating and unproductive.

and sometimes i don’t want to start again knowing it’ll once again stop.

but that’s life. to keep dragging along in the start-again/stop-again. for a moment though, i’m going to just sit back and bask in the bliss that is consistency.

i miss those that aren’t here, and those that are going away. but for now, i’m going to appreciate what i have.