realized there are a couple movies that i saw that i forgot to mention

the guardian – decent 90 minute film. unfortunately it was a little over 2 hours long. i specifically remember joe saying “that better not be the end of the movie.” and the movie decided to take joe up on it. the guardian had at least 3 points where i could’ve ended and i’d be satified with it. but it never did.

the prestige – pretty well-acted interesting film. thought the ending was pretty predictable but it still was a thinker. this week’s lost kind of reminds me of it.

crank – take a deep breath before watching it. the first scene is already the climax and it stays that way throughout the whole movie. i liked the movie. made me drive faster and walk more briskly.

stranger than fiction – thoroughly enjoyed the movie. harold crick somewhat reminded me of me. not to the extreme, but i’ve found myself mindlessly counting of endless amounts of stairs and distances. watching the movie again, i notice certain plot holes, but also realize little nuances i didn’t notice the first time through.