i’ll go over the past few many movies i’ve seen in the last couple months and include a short review. i’ve been meaning to write more about them but, i haven’t made time for it yet. i’ll list them from least to most favorite.

Children of Men – don’t understand the hype of the movie. didn’t think much of the action scenes. the movie made me dizzy.

Smokin’ Aces – can’t recall what this is about. i just remember people getting shot with a sniper rifle.

Freedom Writers – generic story. nothing really surprising. formula works but it was whatever

The Good Shepherd – entertaining at the time but not very memorable now. i honestly have no recollection of what the movie is about.

Pan’s Labyrinth – it may be visually stunning like the critics say but i couldn’t tell because i spent the whole time reading the subtitles.

The Pursuit of Happyness – thought the ending was slightly dull

Breach – i remember thinking, this was better than good shepherd but i can’t recall what breach is really about either.

Music and Lyrics – cute movie. i think i generally like hugh grant movies.

The Departed – thought the movie was great till the end. It ends with a… that’s it?

The Number 23 – I really liked this movie though it seems no one else did. I thought the story was told well.

300 – my favorite movie, gladiator, without a story. i’m confused. *spoiler* (why does the wife need to speak in front of the counsel? couldn’t she kill the guy somewhere else? the one-eye guy is the one that convinces them to go to war, right?) the scenes with a spear are gory and incredible.

Casino Royale – love this james bond more than pierce. first chase scene was incredible. the card playing aspect of the movie is long and predictable. (*spoiler* i mean, come on. when the guy says 10 million buy in, 5 million buy back, it’s obvious james bond is going to lose the 10 million on a bluff gone wrong. and the last hand, obvious what each player has) loved the movie though.

a lot of movies. a lot of money. a lot of time.

on a side note, i saw wicked the other day. the singing was pretty incredible. it’s a very female-based musical. not a lot of strong male singers and i didn’t really like that. i liked les mis more. songs weren’t very memorable. All i remember is the line “wicked… wicked.” they seemed to repeat it a lot. made me want to see the wizard of oz and i did.

but i don’t feel compelled to watch it again.