i was looking my last post. i think if saw brandi carlile on the street, i’d find her to be an average or possibly ugly woman. but for some reason, while watching the music video, i’m oddly drawn to her. i think it’s because of her ability to sing with passion and probably because of her ability to play the instrument strapped to her body.

i wonder though…

i think it’s the first time i’ve posted anything from youtube. the post before, i posted poetry i heard on the simpsons. the post before that was what i did that day. the day before was a website update.

there’s really no general topic i ever cover. no bit of information or expertise that i really offer. i don’t have pretty pictures like my sister’s site or announcements like the church website should give. before i made comments there was virtually no interaction.

essentially.. this blog or rather anyone’s blog is a diary. the posts are filled with what i like, what my mood is, what happened. rarely do i make a private post that only i can see. (and joanne). other than the occasional hit i get on my website regarding my car computer, the hits come from people wanting to read my diary. and yet every day, i check my counter and i have more and more hits.

it’ll be interesting to see years from now the psychological effect of the blog. never in any time in history had it been so easy to voice an opinion in a public forum. never has it been so easy to peek into someone else’s life. i’m not into facebook and only check my myspace when people leave messages, which is close to never. i rarely go on friendster. i tend to like to keep to myself.

these sites seem to be the fad these days. seems whenever i open jennifer’s computer her facebook page is open and andy occasionally fills me into the latest victim he’s been stalking. suddenly, having voyeuristic tendencies isn’t so bad.. isn’t frowned upon.

so i wonder again..

what’re you looking for when you look at this site?