i’m writing this post from the computer cafe. these computers are virtual crap. they’re still running windows 98. the desks are tiny and low to the ground. the seats are really low as well. the monitor is 15 inches i think. the walls are covered with blue wallpaper with little clouds.

the room makes me feel like i’m ten feet tall using a tiny computer.

i think i have writers block. i’ve been up all morning/afternoon writing a paper for english. for the first time, i drank an energy drink for the sole purpose of getting myself energized. bacchus. i don’t know why, but my fridge is full of them. it worked though; i felt alert.

lately, i’ve been realizing i suffer through caffeine withdrawals. if i don’t drink any caffeine, by the end of the day i feel sluggish. should i continue drinking stronger caffeinated drinks or stop cold turkey…

pepsi is just too good

the last couples days i’ve eaten:

4 wild oat granola bars
2 cans of pepsi
1 can of bacchus
8 tylenol
a footlong subway sandwich
a bag of sapporo ichiban
a bowl of chapagetti
3 rolls of hawaiian bread.

i’m sure there’s more i just don’t remember.

i’ve been working out faithfully the past few days. worked out thursday night, friday morning, took saturday off, football tournament sunday, and worked out twice on monday. i spent a total of 3.5 hours in the gym on monday.

worked out with jennifer shin monday night. there’s 2 types of work out buddies. those who complain and those who motivate. i think of all the girls i’ve worked out with, jennifer is the only one who fits in the latter group. working out with her, i realized i do mostly upper body work when i’m at the gym. When she works out, she does mostly lower body work. We force each other to do exercises we’re not used to.

which is a good thing…

she also somehow convinced me not to eat anything after the workout too.. how’d she do that?

unfortunately, what i expected has happened. the mass amounts of working out has caused me to gain, not lose weight. i feel good about myself though.

last weigh in = 168.6