this august marks six years since i became vegetarian. this september would be eight years since i ate red meat. as i was walking today, i realized meat utterly repulses me now. i picture headless chickens and bloody cows. when i think about eggs for more than i should, the thought of even eating them makes me feel sick.

i’m sure i’d still enjoy the smell of kalbi or fried chicken or a juicy steak, but the thought of actually eating it makes me want to hurl.

a little bit ago, i made the one provision of eating meat. if i kill it myself, i’ll eat it. (catch a fish or run over a cow) but i still haven’t put the rule into effect yet. Dodgers stadium has an all-you-can-eat ticket on certain days. I’d think about breaking my vegetarianism for that but, i’m sure my stomach wouldn’t be up for that.

so it’s been six years. six years of a lot of boca patties and veggie dogs. me being the only vegetarian in the group isn’t so hard though. there’s always something on the menu i could eat. i’ve been meaning to make a compilation of the veggie foods you can get at various places. someday i’ll actually write it.

but not right now, i’m tired. not sure what the point of this post was.