future plansbecause of the lack of organized church events, a few of us, standing around my car, decided to plan out our future church events.

here’s what we planned

7 – beach
we’ll probably be going to sunset beach. possibly bolsa chica. bolsa has fire pits i believe. it’s really the only event that can be planned in less than a week’s notice.
vespers (joanne)
snacks (jennifer)

14/15 – backpacking
joe and i have been talking about going backpacking for ages and i told the pits we’d go to. i’m worried that there won’t be enough time to plan out for such an event in two weeks. but we’re going to try. the rates to rent backpacks are more expensive than what i remember them to being which could be another problem. we’ll probably trek through chantry flats again. starting from saturday morning to sunday afternoon.
joe (food)
joanne (backpacks)

21 – rock climbing
i looked into rates at rock city and they’re 15 dollars per person for 2 hours. that’s if we get there by 6. any time after and it’s an additional 75 dollars for the group. so if we go at 8. and we have… let’s say… 15 people. it’s going to cost 20 bucks.

22 – elliot’s reception

28 – cookoff/ping pong tourney
church cook off followed with a ping pong tournament
david (organizer)

29 – six flags or paintball
arthur(small) (organizer)