i was reading dodgerthoughts on monday and someone offered free dodger tickets. they were top deck, but who am i to reject free tickets. beggars can’t be chooser. (the 15 dollar parking made it not seem free). i even called the guy on the phone. i’m terrible with striking up conversations with random strangers…


so last minute, kind of out of the blue (or possibly “in the blue”), jennifer and i headed off to watch the dodger game. the first two innings could’ve quite possibly been the hardest two innings i have ever seen… which is pretty sad because both teams actually scored in the innings. i had to fight from nodding off. luckily the game picked up toward the end and gladly, the dodgers won.

high five everyone

in between moments of excitement, i figured out the weird strikeout meter. the last game i went with arthur, andy, richie. we couldn’t figure out why some k’s on the strike out meter were backwards. (kind of like how the R is backwards in toys ‘r’ us). andy or arthur concluded it must be so that KKK doesn’t show up on the meter. that explanation didn’t make sense to me…

well, fellas, i figured it out.

analyzing each strike out, i realized:

a normal K means the pitcher got the strikeout by swinging strike.

a backwards K means the strikeout was a called strike.

very smart, dodgers stadium designer, very smart.

and on another note, i commend thee, dodgers stadium designer. this time for the parking lot. the first game i went to this year, the time it took from getting in my car to when i left the parking lot took less than a minute. this time, parking at a different parking lot, the outcome was the same. some how, you made the parking system work. i remember waiting in the parking lot for an hour once (granted it was a playoff game then). great job.

on an unrelated note, i realized the html i wrote doesn’t work entirely for this website when using explorer 6 but i don’t think i’m going to change it. use mozilla or at least download explorer 7.0.

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