i was browsing my parents’ downstairs computer when i came across these pictures my sister took after going to the circus. i was utterly shocked.


i look so plump.

i’m not sure exactly what’s going on. ever since last winter, i’ve been fighting a losing battle with my weight. when these pictures were taken (about a month ago), i was just about 165. since then, i’ve been faithfully going to the gym (at least 3 times a week), surfing at least weekly and finding other forms of exercise.

i just weighed myself. i’m at 172. granted i just came from “the hat” so i’m sure i’m carrying extra weight but still.. 172. this is the first time over 169. all these weeks of working out have left me not only weighing more but also with an irritating pain in my arm and back.

i suppose i have to step it up a notch. i think my biggest weakness is my love for soda. more specifically with pepsi. it’s just so incredibly tasty… so.. good.. sigh.

i drink pepsi like it’s water.

so, for the next few weeks i will…
– drink more water. two cups in the morning, two cups at night
– drink diet pepsi.
– keep up going to the gym
– surf

any more suggestions are always welcome.