while i’m talking about youTube, (yah, i know my last post was over a week ago), here’s another video that i think is awesome. it’s also something a couple of us have talked about at church a few times. now you won’t feel left out.


i think i’ve started but haven’t finished at least five posts in the last couple weeks. i have motivation to start but not the creative juices to keep it flowing. i’ll try to finish them some time. for now, i’ll write random things.

puc campmeeting was a couple weeks ago. lately i’ve been completely perplexed by the lack of a spirituality it seems to have become. people seem to go solely out of obligation or friendship. (meat market). a couple weeks ago, i was told that joey had told joy to go to campmeeting to find a boyfriend. it made me think…

praise night is over; gym night is this weekend. i don’t want to plan anything again.

i get this sharp pain in my tail bone whenever i sit a certain way. i constantly want to crack my back.

found this picture while i was looking for that one picture with my sister on the left. it was taken on my birthday 4 years ago. i can’t believe i was once that skinny. strange realization. even then, i thought i was fat. i’ve never been happy about my weight. (i still wear that shirt sometimes when i have nothing to wear)

i got my first pay check doing something computer related. i’d save the check if i didn’t need the money. i need the money.

new website layout. not sure how i feel about it. trying out some things i learned using css.

went to san onofre last weekend. learned to pick up speed when i surf. makes it much more fun. can’t wait to head out again.