what’s wrong in these pictures?


yup, you guessed it.

i’m not wearing my necklace. i don’t know how exactly it started or when it did, but i’ve grown very accustomed to wearing a necklace. ever since i got this necklace from sarah last christmas, there’s hardly been a moment when i wasn’t wearing it. (i even wear it when i shower)

last sunday, a little bit after coming out of the water, the necklace suddenly decided to snap. i tried to pick up the loose pieces scattered on the floor but it was pretty futile.

i could just string up the necklace again. but from experience, once a necklace breaks, it just keeps breaking.

i’ve gone the last couple days without a necklace and it makes me feel so naked.

no worries i guess though. i think jennifer’s going to get me a new one.