Pie ‘n Burger
913 E. California Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91106

for the last year, driving west on california toward lucky boy’s, i’ve spied this little ghetto looking restaurant across the intersection of the wild oats market. pie and burger? what an odd combination…

after being recommended the place by peter, i had to try the place.

first impressions:

– parking is impossible to find.
– umm.. yes, i’m a minority.
– umm.. this place is kind of ghetto.
– that’s… it?

the review:

when jennifer and i first got to the place, we had to actually leave because neither of us had cash and the place is cash only. the closest major bank atm was citibank (two city blocks north). bofa is a couple more blocks north of that.

when we got back, about 30 minutes later, the waitress instantly recognized us.. ’cause, well, we’re not white. the place is really.. old fashion. i feel like, i just walked into the 70’s. i feel like the waitresses have been waitressing there since the 70’s.

we got the burger and fries.
i got mine obviously veggie. the burger is pretty small. i’d say it’s slightly bigger than a big mac, slightly smaller than a whopper. it looks like something church makes on camping trips. the taste is incredible though. the sauce is somewhere akin to in-n-out’s spread. i always love these kinds of onions. (my breath hates them later). the fries were.. whatever

afterwards, we tried the pie a la mode. i can’t remember, but i think it was blueberry. (i always have a hard time naming the berries). the ice cream itself kind of tasted buttery. i’m not too fond of that. the pie was much too sweet.

the overall:
for 1 pie, two burgers, one small fries, the price came out to be in the high twenties. i find this to be somewhat outrageous. presentation, although it shouldn’t account for much, was a big negative in this place. everything you get seems so sparse. the burgers themselves are pretty good.

– good experience
– good burger
– mediocre service
– no parking

will i go back? no
do i recommend it? maybe, if you feel rich and need to try everything once. otherwise, buy a in-n-out burger and add the purple onions.