PinGo Yogurt
35 West Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA 91801

i’m not a big frozen yogurt fan. this place may change my way of thinking

first impressions:
– ewww… frozen yogurt
– wow… 5 bucks for glorified ice cream
– where the white people at?

the review:
jennifer and i came here when it first opened. we were actually looking for the peach house on valley, missed it and came here instead.

i’ve never really liked frozen yogurt. now that i think about it, i don’t even know how jennifer convinced me to even try peach house out. i had pinkberry last year and i thought it turned me off to frozen yogurt forever.

we might’ve quite possibly have been one of pinGo’s very first costumers. when we first walked in, they looked at us almost in surprise. it was to the point that while we were eating, they turned on the music for us.

the first time i got it, the topping i got was fruity pebbles. now i usually get a berry of some sort. i don’t particularly like berries. (i only like strawberries in ice cream). jennifer gets the green tea with mochi.

what i like about pinGo that i don’t like about pinkberry, is that the yogurt is more milky and ice cream-like. pinkberry tends to be a little tart. add in the fruit and it become sour. pinGo seems to be a nice blend.

the overall:
two yogurts, (one original medium with one topping, and one flavored with one topping) comes out to about 8 bucks. pretty pricey for a nice midday treat. the ambiance (pronounced: om-bee-ah-nce) is always friendly and cheery.

– good dessert
– friendly service
– easy parking
– compared to other desserts, it’s expensive
– sometimes hard to find seating
– kind of in the middle of no where

will i go back? i’ve probably been there at least once already
do i recommend it? yes – honestly, this is the only frozen yogurt i enjoy and i have to admit i sometimes crave. frozen yogurt, however, is a fad, and i don’t know how long it’ll last in me.

(side note – jennifer and i DID find the peach house the week after, and the yogurt is like pinkberries yogurt. not a big fan of that)