every morning i’d wake up, and there’d be a fresh spiderweb on my car antennae. after a day of driving, the spiderweb would be gone.

for a week, this occurred and i didn’t think much of it. that was until the day jonathan freaked out when he looked into my dodger ball. there, under the tiny styrofoam lid of my worn down jack-in-the-box antenna ball lived a relatively large spider.

he lay there, completely still through out the day and held on to dear life whenever i drove the freeway. people would always ask why just didn’t get rid of it. but other than the dead flies that gathered on my windshield in the morning, what had the spider done to me?

he stayed with me for two weeks until one day, he decided to climb down my antenna and into my trunk. i helped him from my trunk to the floor and i watched him walk away.

his life is probably easier now. he doesn’t have to deal with the stress of having to make a fresh web every night… but the stories he could tell his friends….