the kitchen
78 W. Union Street
Pasadena, California 91103

i’ve been here before. like king taco and surf store, the kitchen is on the outskirts of old town pasadena. if you’re looking for it, you’ll probably never see it.

first impressions:
– what a rustic (..or is it rusty) sign
– oy, i hate reverse parallel parking.
– lime in diet coke makes it taste better

the review:
i’ve always loved the kitchen. it’s one of the few sit-down type restaurants that i’ve actually recommended to people. oddly enough, i’ve only been to the restaurant a few times. i usually order the same things

this time, jennifer and i started off with the garlic cheese bread. i’m a sucker for garlic. i’m a sucker for cheese. i’m a sucker for bread. put it all together, and i’m a sucker. i’ve never had this before, but i might come back just for it.

whenever i come to the kitchen, i order the 7 topping deep dish pizza. problem with the pizza is that it takes a year to make, especially if the restaurant is packed. luckily, jenn and i came on a moderately empty day. the pizza came in about 20 minutes.

this pizza, however, was not up to par. as a pizza connoisseur, (i can safely assume in the last 3 years, i’ve eaten more pizza than any one except possibly pizza workers) the pizza was just too much topping, not enough pizza.

it almost felt like i was eating one of those nasty vegetable lasagnas. usually this place is good. today, the kitchen is just making me look bad in front of jennifer.

the overall:
for appetizers, a pizza and drinks for 2 people, it came out to mid 20 dollars which is a relatively good price for a higher dining experience.

– nice service
– i wouldn’t feel weird in semi-formal attire
– a couple extra bucks for parking
– good food, usually

will i go back? once in a while, maybe once a year
do i recommend it? i’d say, it’d be a good date place if you want a lot of time to talk. one busy night, i recall waiting 45 minutes for the pizzas. the pizzas themselves seem to be hit or miss. when they’re hits, they’re really good.