i’ve lost 7 pounds in the last 2 months. here’s my diet.

“no” cash – i’ve made it a habit to not carry cash around. i usually only carry enough change to pay for parking. it prevents me from getting that pepsi when i walk past a vending machine or buying that bag of flaming hot fries that are calling to me. at one point, i averaged at least one pepsi a day. sometimes, two. adding it up, that’s almost 2 pounds i need to burn a month simply to maintain my weight. a bag of flaming hot fries has 600 calories.

“no” stress – i tend to binge eat sweets when i’m stressed. or drink coffee or pepsi. biting into a snickers bar makes me happy. the less stressed i am, the less happy food i need to eat. i’m not saying i don’t stress as much though. i still stress, but now, i have take the mentality that i can pull through it.

“no” susan – “hey tim, i’m hungry.” ever since susan left, i’ve almost completely eliminated midnight runs to in-n-out, denny’s, etc etc. sure, i still go every once in a while. i just went yesterday with joe… but it’s far less frequent and far between.

i’m hoping i can keep this up and drop another… 6 pounds by january. 12 by summer. we’ll see how it goes.