dearest susan,

i’m not sure how to start this. we’ll see how it turns out. this is my first letter to you, and probably will be my last. i talk to you almost daily; what more would i have to write about?

this post… this letter… is dedicated to you.

we’ve gone a long way. has it been 5 years since we first started talking? that funny little conversation we had in the middle of summer under a tree in sacramento… i think you’re lying to me when you say you don’t remember it.

either way… i’ve grown to care about you quite a lot. it kind of just snuck up on me. you know, if i could have stopped it, i would’ve. *sigh

you’ve somehow managed to always be there for me. always the first to say happy birthday. always quick to say “omg tim.” or something like that. always willing to have midnight runs. late night jam sessions. play with me when i’m bored. talk to me when i’m sad. support me when i’m weak.


i know you’re going through a lot right now.

it’s funny.. because you know i can totally relate to almost all of it. (except your fear of the beach. what is up with that?)

i’ve been through a lot in my life. changing schools, changing majors. changing minds. bad advice. good advice. parents. heart breaks. la sierra. biology. weight gain. confusion. despair. happiness. exploring the great unknown.

i think.. you know of all of them.

i’ve gone through a lot of struggles in my life. and i’m sure i’m going to go through a lot more. but there’s always been one constant in my life. one struggle that has always been there no matter where i’ve been. one thing that’s always pulled me through.

and that’s God.

whenever i focus on Him… that’s when i have peace. that’s when things come together.

i know this is weird. i never talk to you about God. i rarely talk to anyone about God. but i thought this was important.

i hope.. i pray.. that through struggles. any struggles. that you can remember this little advice i’m giving right now. it’ll make almost everything else trivial.

focus on God.


i love you like “you” love cake… and i’ll pray for you.
hope you’re doing well.
and don’t stop being my friend because of in-n-out.