It seems the one thing anyone can do to get another person riled up while talking online is to write a few sentences with the capslock on. for reason, this seems to infuriate people. even when i look at it, i think… why are you yelling at me? but really. what about the caps lock makes me think the other person is yelling? when i read, the little voice in my head is fairly calm. when i see something in caps, the voice raises.

Gym mirrors are magical. Some how, it can make my face and body look skinnier but my muscles bigger. Even my hair looks more attractive. I come home, look through my home mirror and I think to myself… I need to go to the gym.

I tend to be swayed fairly easily by the people I’m around.

Ex 1. (walking with person a)
Person A: I hate (person b)
Me: Yah, I suppose. I find it annoying when (person B) does this.

Ex 2. (walking with person c)
Person C: (person b) is great!
Me. Yah, I suppose. I like it when (person B) does this.

I need to hang out with more C’s.

I think I’m going to go to a Clippers game on the 13th. I may need someone to come with me.

The ever-nearing Valentine’s Day is beginning to exhaustedly consume my congested mind.

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