I pull into a parking space at school; turn off my car and shut down the computer.

I say my ‘bye bye baby’s and hang up my bluetooth headset.

I stuff my JCrew wallet into my Aeropostale Khaki shorts.

I debate taking my Canon camera.

I replace the headset with earphones and press play.

I slip on my Hollister Zip-Up Hoodie.

I push lock on my VW keys.

I dance into class to the beat of Rhthm and Soul by Spoon.

I change my Motorola phone to vibrate and Ipod to sleep.

I plug my Cruzer Micro 2.0gb flash drive into this Pentium 4 Windows XP computer.

I open up Firefox and surf to Blogger.

I start writing this blog.

I think to myself…

When did life get so complicated?