I’ve grown to love the smell of bookstores. There’s something about the mixture of paper, silence and intelligence in the air that makes me want to sit down in a comfortable chair and read a book/magazine/newspaper. For some reason, I don’t feel this way about the library. Libraries sometimes give me anxiety. Maybe the lack of the smell of coffee has something to do with that. Maybe it has to do with all the late fees I accumulated through out the years at all the libraries.

I’m growing to love playing basketball. I played 4 hours on Saturday. Most of it was 4 on 4 full court. Although I was cramping muscles I never knew I could cramp, I still wanted to play more. The running at the gym has started to pay off. Saturday night, my body was mush. Whenever I play basketball, in my head I think, “I can be better than this.” I’m starting to understand the subtle moves that occur through out the game. I want to defend their best player. How else would I learn? I’m currently working on a lull-you-to-sleep move I’ve seen Steve Nash do on more than a few occasions.

I’m growing, apparently. That’s what my scale says. It’s something I always fear, gaining more weight. My frequent workout schedule has turned to only occasional to seldom. Why? It’s because when I work out, I gain weight. I tell myself that it’s just muscle weight and eventually the scale will start showing smaller numbers. But after a month and a half and gaining another seven pounds, I’m starting to worry. I have to admit my stomach is getting smaller. And this morning, when I looked in the mirror, I was surprised at how big my upper body was getting. But the purpose of my gym visits was to lose weight and I’m losing that battle.

I know it has to do with my diet. I’m not sure if I’m willing to sacrifice eating out yet though.

My BMI from Mayo is 26.6. A BMI from 25 to 29.9 is considered overweight. Apparently I’m overweight. I know there’s a lot more variables that should be factored in than just height and weight but I still feel like i need to drop 10 pounds. So, what am I supposed to do. I work out. I gain weight. I do nothing. I maintain the same weight. Diet?.. Oy..

This Ipod is growing. I <3 Podcasts. Cover Flow is pretty cool, too.