Jessica and I were sitting in front of the TV a few hours after discussing how people who euthanasize animals at the pound may be desensitized to the loss of life.

This news report comes on channel 9

1:08 into the clip.

“He asks me every day, ‘Dad, I miss Jazz.'”

at 2:35.

“Jamiel’s parents are saying they’re calling this effort Jamiel’s Law though they’re saying a law may not be what is needed here. They’re not really sure. It could be a resolution. It could be a clear commitment by law enforcement. They’re not really sure.”

We laugh through the whole report.


Of course, the news report before was about two teenage girls who had hijacked a taxi. The girls stabbed the driver with box cutters and he lost control of the taxi and crashed. The two girls died because they weren’t wearing seat belts but the taxi driver survived because he had been.