Standing in potluck line, thinking to myself that I may have just had one of my worst praise sets.
Angela – Hi Tim, I really enjoyed praise today.
Tim – Thanks. I’m sorry. I’ve seen you around church for the last month, but I don’t know your name.
Angela – I’m Angela
Tim – Oh, Hi. I’m Tim

During potluck
Matt – Hey, Sarah’s friend thinks you have a nice smile.
Tim – Oh, Really?
Matt – Yah, it’s him. (pointing)
Tim – What the..
Matt – Yah, I was thinking the same thing.

Sunday, driving to basketball
Jonathan – Yah, You didn’t lag
Tim – What do you mean?
Jonathan – You just left the diner. Usually, you just stay around for a long time.

Sunday afternoon, on my Facebook
Arthur –
“todays analysis

1. nice cutting
2. nice passing
3. nice shooting


Sunday night, at Jessica’s
Jessica’s Dad – (something in Japanese)
Tim – (somehow I understand what it means)
Jessica, her dad, and I all laugh
Jessica’s dad looks at me laughing.
A confused thought goes through his face
He then laughs harder.

Sorry, the last one isn’t much of a quote.