I spent the afternoon chasing this dog….

….for this girl

We cornered Molly in a culdesac but the sneaky bitch found a hole in the fence and snuck away. After walking around the block and back, we managed to force her out of the culdesac because of my tree jumping abilities. She “coincidentally” ran into the only driveway I have an automatic gate opener for on the whole block and she got stuck.

There, we waited for the humane society to arrive. I commented on how if no one claimed her we may be sending this dog to her death. Moments later, the postwoman screamed to us from down the street, “Do you have a little black dog?”

Yes, we do.

The owner runs up the street with a leash.


Although I never got close enough to Molly to hold her, I was able to see that she wore tags with Chinese writing on it. The owner did not look chinese to me.