Jessica and I found ourselves in Palos Verdes with time to spare craving donuts. After driving to, to our dismay, a phantom Krispy Kreme, we settled for this no-name donut shop Jessica thought was named Douche Boys. This little ghetto hole-in-the-wall turned out to serve quite delicious donuts. I savored every bite of my raspberry-filled glazed donut. Even now, as I reminisce my mouth waters.

After “ruining our appetites,” we headed to a California Pizza Kitchen we had passed on our journey to the donut. CPK holds claim to be our unofficial favorite. Why not! I don’t even look at the menu when we sit down. I want my Pepsi, Yes, I want bread, and I want the brocolli/sun-dried tomato fusilli, no chicken.

After dinner, we had a post-meal dessert, Tiramisu. It seems Jessica and I have many desserts through out the day. We have pre-meal dessert, post-meal dessert, between-meal dessert. She lets me assuage my sweet tooth and that’s why suki desu.

While we waited for our food, I took this picture of Jessica squeezing her cheeks together. I feel like she looks like Thomas the Tank Engine when she does it. She’ll probably kill me after seeing this but I love it. I can’t stop smiling while I look at her.

This Saturday didn’t really turn out any way near how I thought it would. But it started great, ended great… and in-the-between, no one died, so that was great, too.