Souplantation has two dishes: Baja Bean & Cilantro and Roasted Potato w/ Chipotle Chile Vinaigrette. It’s those dishes you see placed oddly between the the salads and the dressings. As a veteran of the Souplantation line, I know to take two dishes with me on my tray instead of the one the newbies take and people “on a diet” take.

To sample, I spooned a very small portion of each dish plus some Tabouli onto my second dish. (Tabouli is disgusting). My first dish is always spinach salad. Oh, how I love spinach. Let me count the ways. I love it in my salad, in my Subway sandwich… hmmm… Two ways. I love it in two ways…

At the table it take a bite of the Baja Bean. MMMmmm… good.

I take a bite of the Roasted Potato… MMmmm.. delicious.

I go back to get more and clump them onto a new plate with pickles. Oh, how I love pickles.. I come back and look at my plate. So many beans. Suddenly the beans don’t taste as good. There’s just too much. I end up just taking a few bites and leaving the rest.


When I was in elementary, my dad would make me a turkey sandwich for lunch. I’d carry it in my lunch bag that had a drink and possibly a fruit of some sort.

The sandwich was bread, mayo, lettuce, tomato, lettuce, turkey meat, mayo, bread.

It was good.

I had this same lunch every day even when I was in high school. Of course in high school instead of one sandwich, my dad would make me two.

When I was short on cash, I could sell my sandwich for 2 or 3 dollars. Once I sold one sandwich for a Magic Card that was worth 20 bucks. Yes, magic card… A season of my life I rather forget.

Someone once asked me if I ever got sick of it. Of course not. It was good.


I went to study at Starbucks last night with Jessica. I ordered a Grande Caramel Frappucino and a cup of water. When my name was called, my barista told me he made a mistake and made me two Grande Caramel Frappucinos. He asked me if I wanted both. I said sure..

I take it to my table.

I contemplate the calories in both drinks. I feel guilty of the upcoming calorie intake.

I don’t enjoy the first one. I barely finish it.

Tears bead down the face of the second drink. Her heart melts in the sunlight. Poor neglected drink. She gets tossed away like a piece of trash.