I awoke to a sudden jolt this morning.

… I am walking down a hall, maybe it’s a cafeteria. To the left of me I see a vending machine. The glass on the vending machine is removed; it looks like the machine is in the middle of getting loaded. No one is around. On the bottom, there’s a blue ice cream treat. I think it’s OREO. I buy it and continue walking down the hall.

To the right of me, I see the vending machine stocker. I tell him I bought an ice cream thinking he might worry that I stole it. He tells me it’s a popular new treat. I walk out the door. I’m on the street. I see my car. Blinking turn signals lights ahead. Arthur is there, and so is an older woman I don’t know.

As I get closer to my car, I see my gas tank door on the floor, a hose dangles from the tank. Arthur tells me, “It’s all gone.” I look in my car. It’s completely empty. I open my trunk. It’s amazingly clean.

Is my guitar gone? No, I put it away earlier today. My glove. It’s gone. Those bastards stole my glove. I look inside my car. I find my old glove, but not my new one.

I scream into the dark sky. “Why? Why?”

In my frantic state, I unknowingly wander into a busy street. I look down in time to watch a pair of headlights crash into my side.

Things that have happened in the past month or so:
1. Jessica’s car got broken into. GPS stolen. Window broken.
2. My guitar was cracked. I don’t know how. I think one of the youth dropped it.
3. Joey’s car got broken into. Broken window. Stolen palm holder.
4. My sister’s car was broken into. 2 Ipods stolen.
5. Jessica got rear ended. Hit and run.
6. Arthur lost his appendix.
7. My dad’s car broke down twice. (my car, as well, sits unfixed)

I keep thinking it’s only going to get better. But something keeps coming up.

I think as I long as I have something to lose, it will probably be lost. A side from Arthur’s appendix, everything else is just material and monetary loss. In that sense, I’m grateful to have things that I can lose.