One of the many new types software I’ve been using is yahoo widgets. It’s kind of like google gadgets but the widgets aren’t confined to a side bar. It’s more like mac’s dashboard. I love it. I’d run it simply for the “one photo” widget. It looks incredible on my desktop.

I can see why it’s not that popular. If I didn’t have 2 gigs of ram and a quad core processor, I think it’d significantly slow my computer down. Each widget uses about 15 mb’s of ram.

One widget I’ve been using lately is from skinnyr.

The widget makes keeping track of my weight a breeze.

For the summer, I’ve signed myself up for some intense exercise. Cycling for 2 hours. Swimming for 2 hours. Let’s see if it makes a difference. I’ve created a mini blog with skinnyr and linked it to my sidebar. Keep track with my progress either on this post or using the link.

I used to have a mini blog about 4 years ago and each post said i weighed about 140 pounds. I almost feel like that’s a girly weight now.

I’m hoping by August this graph will look like our economy.