Yut is an old traditional Korean board game played after family dinner with more than ten members present. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve are all perfect occasions.

1. Immediately after dinner, sometimes, even during, start saying, “Yut-nori hae jah.” Chant it until the other parents join in.

2. Grab all the second generation who weren’t quick enough to leave the kitchen/living room to play.

3. Guilt those who don’t want to play by saying, “What, are you not part of the family?” or, “(Name of a cousin of equivalent age) is playing, why won’t you?”

4. Don’t explain the rules.

5. Draw a makeshift board with marker on the back of a torn out month page of one of those large calendars that have Chinese in front of them.

6. Sit around a red carpet, preferably in a boy/girl arrangement. Someone inevitably has to play as the opposite sex. Make sure to make fun of them.

7. Use poker chips as mals.

8. The Yut sticks magically appear.

9. Make new rules.

10. Don’t explain the rules.

11. Take turns around the red carpet throwing the Yut sticks in the air.

12. Learn the taunts/chants.

a) If the team needs a 2 (gae), make barking noises with an occasional wolf howl.

b) When someone tosses a backward step, every one yell, “Back Do!”

c) Occasionally moo whenever a “mo” is tossed.

d) When it’s your turn, as you throw the sticks, yell “Yut!” If you get a Yut, repeat “Gah jut tah” 3 or 4 times in rapid succession.

e) If the team needs a 3 (geol) and it’s a younger boys turn, say something like, “Myung-Il-Ee, do you like (girl)?” Heavy accent preferred.

13. Patronize the old for falling asleep.

14. After the game is finally understood, if you’re loud, make up new rules to your advantage.

15. Don’t explain the rules.

16. Dance obnoxiously whenever your mal gets home.
(Find Dance Technique here)

17. Younger children sit on laps and take the turns of those they sit on.

18. Mock anyone that throws a stick off the carpet. Anyone. Even the little children. (They should know the rules)

19. The winner isn’t decided by which team gets their mals home first, but rather who can passively-aggressively argue the most. Being able to raise your voice without yelling is a plus.

20. Win.

21. Stand up and run away as far from the carpet as you can before another game is started. (Parents, go back to step 3)


After the many games are over –

1. Rub it in the face of the losers.

2. Store the makeshift board somewhere. Doesn’t matter where, it’ll be lost forever and remade with a new calendar sheet next time.

3. The Yut sticks magically disappear.