A little before I took this picture, Mike had just left. He had just said his goodbyes to everyone there, which is the custom. After his last one, he turned pass the the moving truck and began jogging toward the exit.

I thought to myself, why is he jogging?

About halfway down, he stopped jogging and just walked the rest of the way. I laughed a little to myself. Did he get tired?


My grandfather is in the process, or I suppose, has finished the process of moving. The new place is closer to his daily activities … whatever they may be. During a move, it’s amazing how much junk is found throughout the house. Business cards or old receipts litter every nook. Unread books plaster the shelves.

Every little thing, at one point, had some meaning to my grandfather. He had lived in his apartment for over a decade, but I’m sure more than a few of his possessions, dated far beyond that. But now, each item of sentiment is just another twinge in my back.

It’s crazy how fast life goes by. (I’m sure this is the sub-theme to my blog).

New cars break 100,000 miles. Newborn babies JEM‘s speak complete sentences. Anniversaries and birthdays come and go. Life is a blink.

And yet, it seems like, we’re still in a hurry to get through it.

Maybe it’s because we believe there’s something better to come.

I want to get good grades to graduate on the top; I want to graduate on the top to get a good career; I want a good career to make good money; I want to make good money to retire early; I want to retire early to …

Maybe it’s because someday we’re afraid to look back and see all our possessions fit inside a mid-size uhaul.


At 12:30, I had to leave to go to Sarah’s birthday party. I said my goodbyes which is the custom, and I turned pass the U-haul and began jogging toward the exit. About halfway down the driveway, I thought to myself, What am I doing? Am I really in a hurry?

I stopped jogging and just walked the rest of the way. I laughed a little to myself.