Hi guys! If you didn’t know, T’s birthday was on the 23rd of last month and one of my gifts to him was a renewal of our Disneyland Annual Passports. Given that we’re 15+ years older than the average ticket holder, 0ur love for this theme park is quite strange- there’s just something about the “Happiest Place on Earth” that keeps us coming back for more. Annual passes are quite expensive so T thought it would be nice if we had some documentation of our trips to remember exactly what we had paid for.

So here I am, with the Disney Report.

Sunday was a Gay Day. No, seriously, it was gay.

Happy because:

  1. the Ravens had won earlier that day (take that Steelers!)
  2. It was our first visit to Disneyland after over a year. I absolutely LOVE this time of year when autumn leaves adorn the lamp posts down Main Street and Mickey Mouse shaped pumpkins decorate the park.

The other “gay” because:

  1. Apparently, Disneyland opens its doors once a year for an unofficially official celebration of gay pride. So yes, we rode rides and walked amongst hundreds, HUNDREDS of those from the LGBT (dawned in bright red shirts that read “Gay Days”) community that day.

Here I am, confused about why everyone but T and I were wearing Gay Days shirts.. feeling very left out-

This is literally the only other picture that was taken that day. I need to do a better job of taking pictures. Can you believe we waited in a TWO HOUR line to ride Space Mountain? Sheesh! Both our phones were out of battery. Nevertheless, it was fun (albeit exhausting! I think my feet are still aching). Notice the face of the guy sitting in the front row! I think he’s genuinely scared.

Our next Disneyland trip has been scheduled and I promise to take pictures. Hopefully our next trip will be as interesting and exciting as this first one was. Until next time!