Hungry Bird was in the mood for something delicious but didn’t know where to go. And then it came to her- why not fill up AND have fun at Disneyland! So she flapped her wings and….

ta-da! Lucky for her, it was the fall season at the ‘happiest place on Earth’. HB LOVES pumpkin-shaped Disney characters, orange and gold leaves, and the taste and feel of this time of year so she flew around the park taking it all in.
After stuffing her face with multiple servings of corn tortillas and sourdough bread, HB found her PERFECT dessert at Pacific Warf- a sweet and delicious-looking little fishy. “What a great find,” she thought to herself, “a real gem!” *NOM NOM NOM* Poor cute fishy…

HB sighed after a wonderfully fulfilling day and settled in on the ferris wheel. Ah- life is good.