I’m a tab-whore. Instead of closing windows when I browse, I almost always open a new tab. While I was reading up on the 5-technique in football (interesting if you like football but know what it is), I realized my train of thought can be followed by looking at my tabs.

This morning, it went like this.

If you can’t see it, it goes…

espn > facebook > espn > facebook > this blog > this blog editor > facebook > vw shop > facebook > fantasy baseball > facebook > google reader > google search on five technique > the five technique

I find my fingers, when surfing the web idly, typing out f-a-c-e. I’m not sure exactly why though. I’m not a facebook stalker. I rarely check other people’s profiles unless I have something to say to them. I look at my recent news feed, my profile and maybe Jessica’s and then I’m out. Maybe I just need some new websites to browse.

Here’s my normal rotation

  • – Facebook
  • – Google Reader
  • – SlickDeals
  • – Hulu
  • – Justin.tv
  • – ESPN
  • – Fantasy Baseball
  • – Yahoo top news

Google reader encompasses a lot of blogs that I follow. Occasionally, I go to blackboard, fatwallet and torrent sites.

I need new sites to follow.

Here’s a few I’ve thought of

  • Ted – I’m not big on video though. I’d prefer to read and I feel like I’m wasting my time watching a presentation.

Well, I guess that’s it actually.

I don’t know. Suggest a few sites I should follow.