On my blog reader, I read a blurb about Sergio Santos, White Sox Closer. It said that Santos was traded from the Sox to the Giants on the condition that the Giants would give Santos a chance to play. When the Giants couldn’t find a spot for him, they sent him back.

I’ve never heard of anything like that before.

I googled “Sergio Santos trade san francisco condition everyday AAA” and was surprised to find that at least ten websites had the same story.

A few things come to mind

  1. Why is this story aggregated so many times?
  2. That’s really nice of the Sox to think of the well-being of their players. It’s nice of the Giants to uphold their side of the bargain. Classy
  3. Santos is from Bellflower. I know where Bellflower is!

Meanwhile, my Dodgers continue on their tailspin. We’ve got so many issues like the fact that …

  1. … The bullpen is terrible. I expected Broxton to falter. All the signs were there from last year. May it be mental or physical, he just doesn’t have it. Why is it ok to say Kuo has a mental issue, but Broxton doesn’t?
  2. … We don’t hit homeruns. Bryan and I were at a game and noticed that Kemp had more homeruns than the rest of the team combined. (Ethier was sitting that day). A team can win without hitting a lot of homeruns. It’s just that Dodgers plays like we’re a homerun hitting team.
  3. … There’s been a lot of injuries. Blake, Furcal… Gibbons (kind of). Carroll’s filled in admirably. He seems to be 2 for something every game. Miles is hitting .29(something) which is good, but has only walked twice which gives him an OBP of .30(something) which is terrible. Jerry Sands is pretty terrible.
  4. … James Loney is lost. I’ve never been a big fan of Loney, but I’ve tried to like him. On the field, he’s so slick. I’ve seen him save games with his glove. If he hit .280 and hit 15 hrs, I’d be ok with that. Except he doesn’t hit that. He’s slugging .270 right now which ranks him 3rd worst for a 1st baseman with 150 at bats since expansion. That’s about 50 years of players. Dodger talk always says, but we else do we have to play.
    • how about Jerry sands, who’s hitting under .200 but still has a higher slg than Loney.
    • or Ethier, who’s only played first base once but obviously has some elbow issue right now that makes it difficult for him to throw from right.
    • or Casey Blake… when he comes back from the DL
    • or Jamey Carroll, who’s never played 1st, is probably too short, but isn’t Loney. The guy is a gamer but will probably get pushed to the bench when Blake and Furcal come back.

Speaking of the Dodgers

I’ve gone to two games this year, both midday games. In total, I’ve seen the Dodgers score one run.

  1. It’s amazing how empty the stadium was the games I attended.
  2. It’s easy to find cheap tickets.
  3. The Dodgers have a lot ticket deals this year and still I can find cheaper tickets online.
  4. Half off mid-day games are very much worth the price of admission.
  5. There’s cops everywhere.
  6. To answer the question asked at Dodger Talk yesterday, low scoring games are boring to attend especially when we lose

On NPR, the commentator was discussing how Frank McCourt owns Chavez Ravine, also known as the parking lot Dodgers Stadium sits upon. If someone were to buy the Dodgers, they’d have to pay McCourt 14 million a year to play at Dodgers Stadium. The reporter, I forget his name, went on to say the new owner should threaten to leave Dodgers Stadium and move the team to some place deeper in the city. Though the plan was out of jest, it made me think… As much as I hated the idea at first, I started to like the idea of the Dodgers moving.

  • I very much hate the fact that the there’s no actual metro system to Dodgers Stadium. We have the “trolley”, but I mean a rail.
  • Parking is ridiculously expensive.
  • The stadium is pretty at certain times of the day, but it’s too hot in the afternoon.
  • Seating was great at one point, but McCourt decided to create new seats in front of the old seats. Now the angles are weird in some places and you have to look over a bunch of heads to watch the game.

So yeah, as long as the team stays somewhere in LA, I’m down with a move.

As bad as the team is, I still listen to the games religiously. I check stats, read blogs, still live Dodger blue. On the plus side, lower attendance means cheaper tickets for me. And the “element” seems to have disappeared from the stadium. I still believe that the Dodgers have a chance for the playoffs as fool-hearted as that may be. (When are we going to stop playing that song in the 8th?)

I crave a Dodger dog. Who’s down to go to a Half-Priced Food game on June 18th?