I sit, in my personal space;
there’s room for 4, maybe 5 if you’re small.
But usually, it’s occupied by only me.
It can take me places I’ve never seen before,
but I go to the same places,
every day and every week – since as long as I can remember.
100 years ago, people could only dream
of the speeds life travels in front of my eyes.
I daydream here.
There are moments… brief moments,
but still too long for some –
Moments where we both stop to watch red autumn leaves falling –
I can see you in your personal space.
Yours is like mine.. probably built for 4, maybe five
maybe more…
but most likely you’re alone too…
I don’t know you, but do you know I care for you?
if you were hungry, I’d share my lunch with you.
if your dog ran away, I’d search with you…
but too quickly, winter leaves turn green –
and we’re gone,
stuck in our personal spaces.
we have room for more,
but we are probably alone.