It’s the end of the second day wearing the LG G watch.

Here’s a few things I’ve noticed:

  1. It is practically impossible to catch the time at a glance in direct sunlight. This is especially true if it’s on the screensaver mode. I’ve put the brightness to the highest and I still can’t see it. I’m a compulsive time checker while driving to work in the morning. I didn’t realize this until it took extra effort to check what time it was.
  2. The watch is too bright in the dark. Even at it’s lowest brightness it’s distracting. It’s a problem even with the screensaver on. I don’t know if I’d wear the watch to, let’s say, a movie theater or anywhere it’s dark because I worry that if the watch were to get out of screensaver mode, which is very possible, it would probably blind everyone
  3. I feel like the watch goes to screen saver mode too quickly. When I use navigation, I want the direction cards to stay longer
  4. I’m still getting used to how heavy it is. Sometimes I feel like I’m wearing a small phone
  5. I initially worried about battery life, but I’ve been able to go to work and back and still have about 50% battery left. I’m more than certain it would last at least the 20 hours I would ever be away from the charger
  6. The step counter has motivated me to walk more. For most of the day, I sit in front of a computer so it’s hard for me to accumulate steps. I ran this morning (albeit not for long) and I still only have 5212 steps now as the evening wanes. I don’t know how I’m supposed to get 10k steps a day.
  7. The watch doesn’t pick up random steps while I drive which is pretty awesome.
  8. Lastly, one comparison to Pebble: I have this reoccurring thought in my head. A Pebble is a watch that can do some cool things. Android Wear is a notification device that can also tell time.