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and4Lee: have i shown you the ummm
and4Lee: electric canon?
and4Lee: (link)
and4Lee: ok
and4Lee: i think thats the link
and4Lee: it should be a chiens guy play guitar
and4Lee: if its gay porn…..
and4Lee: my b

that’s pretty cool


10 Random Things About Tim

apparently… i was tagged by andy on his xanga so here goes..

1. cluttered room/cluttered head
i’m a pretty messy guy as evidence of the state of my car and my room most of the time… the weird thing is.. whenever i’m somewhere and it’s a mess i can’t think straight. oddly enough, i believe i’m somewhat ocd. either that or claustophobic. i need order before i can do anything. that’s why before each major decision/test i have or take i need my area to be clean first.

2. i can’t say no
i have a hard time saying no to people and it takes a lot for me to actually say it. rather than saying it, i just ignore or avoid them. a lot of times i’m taken advantage of because of it and when i realize i’ve been taken advantage of i avoid them.

3. i’m extremely shy
i have slight social anxiety which may shock people. i don’t like being in social gatherings. i hate branching out and meeting new people. however, if i see someone sitting by themself, something else kicks in and i always approach them.

4. the clock in my shower in correct
i have a shower clock that is just impossible to open to change the time. so, last spring, when the clocks were sprung forward i couldn’t change it. for the last half a year, it’s been one hour ahead but because of daylight savings last sunday, it’s right again.

5. capital one card gone
i lost my capital one card about 3 months ago but i still haven’t reported it missing. why? because i have my bally’s and xm membership autobilled on it and i’m too lazy to switch them to my citibank card. i figure.. if someone wanted to use it, they would’ve used it by now, right?

6. i never forgot my first love
i love my jetta; i really do… but i still miss my firebird. i know it’s just a car, i know it’s been a while.. but there was just something about it. something that was just so… i don’t know. it completed me. i still dream about it sometimes. whenever i see one parked on the road i just stare at it for a little bit and let out a sigh.

7. 7 hours have passed since i started this blog
in the middle of writing this post, susan wanted to go out and eat ice cream so i did and then she got me to buy a cheesecake. see #2. then i had class and now i’m back.. and i’m now talking about kobe to arthur. who sucks. i love the clippers and anyone that hurts kobe.

dang it, sidetracked again.

8. TIMe ToIM TIM: tell me a random fact about me
Jester1711: you’re a kobe hater..but u really should join the bandwagon
susan m00ns: tim myung only has short term memory
gracle03: when you brake hard, you put your hand out in front of passenger
gracle03: the/your passenger
punkygurl011: you like to rub elbows while you walk next to people
(btw i hate this)
Laureen the Mean: you think you’re the best speed scrabble player
(i am)

9. i’m downloading ‘etta james – at last’
this is gotta be one of my alltime favorite songs. actually this version is broken. someone send it to me if they have it. someday i’ll find a girl that sounds just like this, plays the guitar amazingly, and looks like … umm.. something pretty and i’ll be forever floored. and she’s going to sing this song to me.

10. wasittimsmittisaw?
i lost my glove a couple months ago and i still haven’t replaced it. it fit my hand so perfectly. i’m debating buying the same one again.. but i might buy one that’s a little better. you can totally tell the difference in quality between a good glove and a cheap one.

that took me took me way too long to do.


cell issues resolved

i forgot to post that my cell works now. not exactly sure how it happened. just one day in class, i got a crapload of text messages and voicemails.


cell issues

i’ve been having problems with my cell phone.. apparently it’s not synchronized with the verizon network… it’s been like that since last thursday. i can send text messages, but i can’t receive them. i can get voicemails but my phone doesn’t alert me when i have them. and i’ve been missing calls. thanks esther for telling me. she called me sunday and was like.. i texted you! why didn’t you respond! and i was like.. uh… so yah… sorry if i didn’t respond to you this weekend. it’s still not fixed yet. i need to get my dad to do it. *i thought it was a pretty quiet weekend…


rain, rain, something something

i was watching the news the today… and one newsanchor said to the other to the affect of… “so.. will the rain finally stop?” and i thought to myself. finally stop?… it’s been only raining for a couple days! the last couple days though, i realized something about myself.

one. i’ve fooled myself to believe that i love it when it rains
two. i hate it when i’m cold

anyone that knows me well enough though… they’d be like… “wait a second. tim loves rain.. what’re you talking about, tim?”

three. i love it when it rains when it’s not cold.
four. i hate being cold and wet.

i realize… the point of time.. between when i’m coming back from the mountain after a long day of snowboarding and when i take a warm shower is the least favorite time of my life. i’m utterly miserable. when it’s cold and raining, i feel so isolated. so… unable to do anything.. i sit by the window and just watch the rain fall to the ground. it reminds of elementary and when it used to rain then… and how we’d be stuck inside the classrooms during recess.

when i’m finished surfing and it’s cold… i feel just as pathetic.

five. i love that that time of when it’s just about to rain… sprinkles maybe.. nothing more.

anyways… this post is kind of weird… i started it in class last thursday but didn’t finish until monday.. i’m not sure if my thoughts aligned.


name sake

shane and shane – name’s sake

right click “save as”


for old time’s sake

i was talking to andy k today and well… the old latino pandas came up. good times. so i searched around my hard drive to find the logo aaron made. i knew i had it. aaron did a pretty good job if i do say so myself. i think he did it in paint. we don’t remember who the real members in it were though.

i realize… my website has been kinda boring ever since i broke my camera. i want a camera…

i’m using my new computer as a multimedia player right now… so right now it’s just a really expensive mp3 player. o.. and i’m talking on aim using it. in a sense.. it’s like i have a dual processor right now. i realize using remote desktop uses very little processing power.

i finally caved… i’m cutting my hair tomorrow. it’s just irritating.. my head feels too hot. i feel like i have things in my ears. i can twirl it around like a girl. i want to rip it out.

happy birthday gloria! here, we’re at the dodger playoff game that they won last year! it took like…. 2 hours to leave the parking lot afterwards.. but it was so much fun. wish you were around to hang out. who would’ve thought this girl that didn’t speak a word to me whenever i took her home is now one of my closest friends now. can’t wait to see you in a week.

man i’m dark in the picture.



man… birthdays seem to be coming in bunches these days. today is vivian’s birthday. i don’t know what i’d do without her. it’s also jooree’s birthday… though i’m not even sure if she’ll ever see this.. don’t know if she has internet accessible to her… but either way… happy birthday to you. wish you were around to celebrate it.

gloria’s is coming up



hey hey… the livingwaterfellowship is up again.. no updates… but it means my xanga pictures work.. although i haven’t updated that in a long time either. so… laureen.. if you can, start updating. if anyone wants to help me with it.. tell me. i need someone that’d do what gloria did last year.

her name’s megan!


before the sun rises

man, susan, that wiped me out. but i like how i feel. tomorrow?


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