your guess is as good as mine

not sure why this website is up still.. i didn’t pay for hosting. so i’m assuming it should go down soon. *shrug


so… it’s been way over a month

i’m fighting my urge to standup and walk away

i hate posting when i really don’t have anything to say. and this post is one of those. i know i’ll never hear the end of it though if i don’t. i haven’t been online much; been somewhat busy but i’d say a partial reason why i don’t come online is because i know someone’s going to nag me to update this site. haha.. i’m kidding. it’s mostly ’cause i’ve just been busy.

things i’ve learned

– one month in terms of dieting can go by very slow

– one month in terms of dating can go by very fast

– no drama is the best drama

– i’m above-average at speaker

– if you ask people nicely, people are genuinely nice

– i can get away with a lot of things simply because of the way i am

– i need to take care of my finances better

– my girlfriend’s smile is amazing to me though she has a fake smile that i’m not too fond of.

– my mood is influenced greatly by how much money i have saved

– time goes by way too fast

our second picture

i’ve got five days to decide if i want to renew this website. it costs me a little under 50 bucks a year which comes out to only about 4 bucks a month or so but lately i haven’t felt compelled to write anything.


so.. it’s been a month

i hear your cries. i’ll try to appease your complaints. i’ll post something. i don’t want any of your heads to explode. don’t want you to get a heart attack.

it’s kinda funny looking at stats on this website. right after each post, i get a lot of hits. however, as time progresses and i don’t post, i get fewer and fewer hits. but for some reason, after a couples weeks of literally one or two hits a day, the number jumps up again. i think maybe it’s because people start to figure i should be due to write something soon so they keep checking.

it’s been a while. so long, in fact that even i thought it was getting due for me to post. besides, of all times to post, i think i’d want to remember these times the most. years from now i’d like to know what i was thinking right now. oh, how i’d like to see who i’m going to be years from now. but alas.. we must wait. maybe that’s the fun part of it.

i’m going to wonder why i ended the last paragraph so oddly.

my favorite past time

life has been extremely busy for me. i’m constantly tired… though i always have been but now i have more reason to be. i’m taking too many classes and don’t have enough books. i’m working for too little hours way too far away from home. i’m in my car for much too long and at destinations for too short of time.

it’s the 4th week of school… only… 11 more? we still haven’t truly gotten in full stride yet i’m already exhausted. somehow some way, all my teachers know me by name this semester. how does that happen? they comment when i don’t come to class. no no… they worry when i don’t come to class. what an interesting concept.

if i apply myself, i should be able to ace my classes… if i apply myself.

i now am trying to make a decision. pomona, san jose, cal state la… in the fall? or should i stay back one more semester and try for something greater. i should talk to my cs professor on which school to go to.

on an unrelated note, my spiritual life is in a crapshoot. no one cares. i don’t care. maybe it’s just a phase. hopefully it’s just a phase. i just feel like there should be something more. it’s routine. church is dharma. it’s passionless. but that’s how it is and that’s how it’s going to be. i’ll learn to not care.

(class time)

– 3 hours have passed since the beginning of this post

a trend i’ve started to notice… especially because i work with little kids now is seeing those backpacks with wheels. i remember when these things first started coming out way back when… but anyone that used to use one was the subject of mass mockery, but now.. it seems every little kid has it. how lazy are these kids getting? they’re already getting pretty tubby to begin with. (i’m so glad jonathan got out of this stage; you better not get one of those backpacks) rolling backpacks… oh come on..

– 1 day has past since the beginning of this post

(it’s been a month.. but really it’s been two)
things i’ve learned –

how long will you survive

– there are certain times i do cuss a lot

– i can spend days with someone and still not get sick of them.

– i can spend a few moments away from someone and already miss them.

– sometimes the actual activity is unimportant. simply being able to interact with them is more important

– always think before you act. there are things that you could do in your life that are just of the moment that’ll utterly alter things for the rest of your life.

– i will never write a song i’ll completely like

– i’m never completely satisfied

– sometimes.. i gotta stop myself and realize, “yes, i am happy”

– yes, i am happy.


valentine’s day

jap in the gap: where can i find the average amount of taxes a single person and married couple pa
jap in the gap: y
jap in the gap: lol
TimeToIMTim: link
TimeToIMTim: that’ll help you
jap in the gap: hhhm, thanks.
TimeToIMTim: =)
TimeToIMTim: say you love me
jap in the gap: uh
jap in the gap: lol
jap in the gap: i love you
TimeToIMTim: eww
TimeToIMTim: you’re gay


nfl reporters’ vocab

mmm… not sure why i’m posting this but… i had to look up what vaunted meant… ever time a former nfl player reporter talked about the chicago bears defense… they said… “blah blah blah… vaunted bears’ defense”. i don’t think i would have noticed it if i knew what vaunted meant, but it seems they all got something in their head that they thought sounded good and now they’re all just running with it.


almost mid january

bowling buddies

well.. we’re already 10 days into january… and this post is going to be really forced.. i’m tired and feeling lazy or something… and writing an entry in this blog is one of the last things i want to do at the moment.. but i feel like it’s been a long time since i have and it’s something i should do..

having 7 o’clock class is killer.

umm.. i guess i’ll just write whatever random things pop up in my head. i rarely look back and read what i wrote in the past, but whenever i do.. i like it…

yah yah.. i’m tired…

i’m listening to chris tomlin – unchanging…

i’m talking to susan.

i gave blood on monday and when she poked me to draw blood, she went too deep and hit a nerve. quite a painful experience.. she told me it’d hurt for a bit… it does. when i lift things with my right arm i get a weird sensation kinda like that of when you hit a funny bone…

give blood, save a life!

i think of jooree rather frequently.

i really need to clean my desk.

in 2006 –

i’m going to be open. not sure what that means but i’ll keep it to heart. i guess like.. call people… hmm.. i don’t call people. something like that

i’m going to be more flexible. i really can’t stretch at all.

i’m going to set boundaries. hardest thing for me to do is not care.. but sometimes i beat myself up too much because i do.

i’m going to try. be motivated. do things for myself.

my phone isn’t working well.. i need to get a new one… it keeps having network conflicts.

technology sucks