PinGo Yogurt
35 West Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA 91801

i’m not a big frozen yogurt fan. this place may change my way of thinking

first impressions:
– ewww… frozen yogurt
– wow… 5 bucks for glorified ice cream
– where the white people at?

the review:
jennifer and i came here when it first opened. we were actually looking for the peach house on valley, missed it and came here instead.

i’ve never really liked frozen yogurt. now that i think about it, i don’t even know how jennifer convinced me to even try peach house out. i had pinkberry last year and i thought it turned me off to frozen yogurt forever.

we might’ve quite possibly have been one of pinGo’s very first costumers. when we first walked in, they looked at us almost in surprise. it was to the point that while we were eating, they turned on the music for us.

the first time i got it, the topping i got was fruity pebbles. now i usually get a berry of some sort. i don’t particularly like berries. (i only like strawberries in ice cream). jennifer gets the green tea with mochi.

what i like about pinGo that i don’t like about pinkberry, is that the yogurt is more milky and ice cream-like. pinkberry tends to be a little tart. add in the fruit and it become sour. pinGo seems to be a nice blend.

the overall:
two yogurts, (one original medium with one topping, and one flavored with one topping) comes out to about 8 bucks. pretty pricey for a nice midday treat. the ambiance (pronounced: om-bee-ah-nce) is always friendly and cheery.

– good dessert
– friendly service
– easy parking
– compared to other desserts, it’s expensive
– sometimes hard to find seating
– kind of in the middle of no where

will i go back? i’ve probably been there at least once already
do i recommend it? yes – honestly, this is the only frozen yogurt i enjoy and i have to admit i sometimes crave. frozen yogurt, however, is a fad, and i don’t know how long it’ll last in me.

(side note – jennifer and i DID find the peach house the week after, and the yogurt is like pinkberries yogurt. not a big fan of that)


the kitchen

the kitchen
78 W. Union Street
Pasadena, California 91103

i’ve been here before. like king taco and surf store, the kitchen is on the outskirts of old town pasadena. if you’re looking for it, you’ll probably never see it.

first impressions:
– what a rustic (..or is it rusty) sign
– oy, i hate reverse parallel parking.
– lime in diet coke makes it taste better

the review:
i’ve always loved the kitchen. it’s one of the few sit-down type restaurants that i’ve actually recommended to people. oddly enough, i’ve only been to the restaurant a few times. i usually order the same things

this time, jennifer and i started off with the garlic cheese bread. i’m a sucker for garlic. i’m a sucker for cheese. i’m a sucker for bread. put it all together, and i’m a sucker. i’ve never had this before, but i might come back just for it.

whenever i come to the kitchen, i order the 7 topping deep dish pizza. problem with the pizza is that it takes a year to make, especially if the restaurant is packed. luckily, jenn and i came on a moderately empty day. the pizza came in about 20 minutes.

this pizza, however, was not up to par. as a pizza connoisseur, (i can safely assume in the last 3 years, i’ve eaten more pizza than any one except possibly pizza workers) the pizza was just too much topping, not enough pizza.

it almost felt like i was eating one of those nasty vegetable lasagnas. usually this place is good. today, the kitchen is just making me look bad in front of jennifer.

the overall:
for appetizers, a pizza and drinks for 2 people, it came out to mid 20 dollars which is a relatively good price for a higher dining experience.

– nice service
– i wouldn’t feel weird in semi-formal attire
– a couple extra bucks for parking
– good food, usually

will i go back? once in a while, maybe once a year
do i recommend it? i’d say, it’d be a good date place if you want a lot of time to talk. one busy night, i recall waiting 45 minutes for the pizzas. the pizzas themselves seem to be hit or miss. when they’re hits, they’re really good.



pizza is here and then church.
i’ll maybe finish my posts after



every morning i’d wake up, and there’d be a fresh spiderweb on my car antennae. after a day of driving, the spiderweb would be gone.

for a week, this occurred and i didn’t think much of it. that was until the day jonathan freaked out when he looked into my dodger ball. there, under the tiny styrofoam lid of my worn down jack-in-the-box antenna ball lived a relatively large spider.

he lay there, completely still through out the day and held on to dear life whenever i drove the freeway. people would always ask why just didn’t get rid of it. but other than the dead flies that gathered on my windshield in the morning, what had the spider done to me?

he stayed with me for two weeks until one day, he decided to climb down my antenna and into my trunk. i helped him from my trunk to the floor and i watched him walk away.

his life is probably easier now. he doesn’t have to deal with the stress of having to make a fresh web every night… but the stories he could tell his friends….


pie ‘n burger

Pie ‘n Burger
913 E. California Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91106

for the last year, driving west on california toward lucky boy’s, i’ve spied this little ghetto looking restaurant across the intersection of the wild oats market. pie and burger? what an odd combination…

after being recommended the place by peter, i had to try the place.

first impressions:

– parking is impossible to find.
– umm.. yes, i’m a minority.
– umm.. this place is kind of ghetto.
– that’s… it?

the review:

when jennifer and i first got to the place, we had to actually leave because neither of us had cash and the place is cash only. the closest major bank atm was citibank (two city blocks north). bofa is a couple more blocks north of that.

when we got back, about 30 minutes later, the waitress instantly recognized us.. ’cause, well, we’re not white. the place is really.. old fashion. i feel like, i just walked into the 70’s. i feel like the waitresses have been waitressing there since the 70’s.

we got the burger and fries.
i got mine obviously veggie. the burger is pretty small. i’d say it’s slightly bigger than a big mac, slightly smaller than a whopper. it looks like something church makes on camping trips. the taste is incredible though. the sauce is somewhere akin to in-n-out’s spread. i always love these kinds of onions. (my breath hates them later). the fries were.. whatever

afterwards, we tried the pie a la mode. i can’t remember, but i think it was blueberry. (i always have a hard time naming the berries). the ice cream itself kind of tasted buttery. i’m not too fond of that. the pie was much too sweet.

the overall:
for 1 pie, two burgers, one small fries, the price came out to be in the high twenties. i find this to be somewhat outrageous. presentation, although it shouldn’t account for much, was a big negative in this place. everything you get seems so sparse. the burgers themselves are pretty good.

– good experience
– good burger
– mediocre service
– no parking

will i go back? no
do i recommend it? maybe, if you feel rich and need to try everything once. otherwise, buy a in-n-out burger and add the purple onions.


veggie fuel

probably one of the most common questions i get between, “how do you play this on the guitar?” and “why are you so sexy?” is “you’re a vegetarian?”

i suppose it’s not really much of a question, but i do have to answer it with a yes.

the question that always follows is, “so, what do you eat?”

well, here, i’m going to post what i eat and review it. feel free to comment on my reviews. i’ll keep this blog post updated on all my new reviews.

pie and burger
the kitchen



one track

i'm a softy but i'll still beat you 33% of the time in a racei joined facebook.

i joined facebook on september 11th.

i haven’t updated this website since september 8th.

coincidence? i think not.

after my initial crush, the novelty of the new, facebook has become somewhat tedious. i found some extra time on my hands. take a seat, buckle up, and prepare for the mass-blogger update

coming up
1. pie ‘n burger
2. my stow-away
3. the kitchen
4. pingo
5. lucky boys
6. mimi’s cafe
4. softball
5. pf changs
6. about life


not feeling right

what’s wrong in these pictures?


yup, you guessed it.

i’m not wearing my necklace. i don’t know how exactly it started or when it did, but i’ve grown very accustomed to wearing a necklace. ever since i got this necklace from sarah last christmas, there’s hardly been a moment when i wasn’t wearing it. (i even wear it when i shower)

last sunday, a little bit after coming out of the water, the necklace suddenly decided to snap. i tried to pick up the loose pieces scattered on the floor but it was pretty futile.

i could just string up the necklace again. but from experience, once a necklace breaks, it just keeps breaking.

i’ve gone the last couple days without a necklace and it makes me feel so naked.

no worries i guess though. i think jennifer’s going to get me a new one.


jam and jelly

susan came over this morning… really early in the morning…. too early in the morning. this is what we did.


i have to admit, it was actually a lot of fun. susan’s goal is to post thirty of these in the next three weeks i think. i don’t think that’s very realistic. i don’t think i even know thirty songs.

i’m down to make some more though.



no, i’m not missing. my favorite shirt is. it’s been more than a couple weeks since i’ve seen it/worn it. i’ve known it’s been missing. i just figured it’d show up. but it hasn’t.

where could you be?


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