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A Gay Day

Hi guys! If you didn’t know, T’s birthday was on the 23rd of last month and one of my gifts to him was a renewal of our Disneyland Annual Passports. Given that we’re 15+ years older than the average ticket holder, 0ur love for this theme park is quite strange- there’s just something about the “Happiest Place on Earth” that keeps us coming back for more. Annual passes are quite expensive so T thought it would be nice if we had some documentation of our trips to remember exactly what we had paid for.

So here I am, with the Disney Report.

Sunday was a Gay Day. No, seriously, it was gay. (more…)


Wandering Dog – Remosa

I spotted this little poodle/terrier taking a stroll down a street while on my drive to play basketball. I thought twice about pulling over because I knew I’d be really late if I did. But my inner Jessica got me to pull over.

I parked right next to him and he was very quickly a friend to me. I only had to squat for a few seconds and I found his head in my hand.

He wasn’t bothered with me picking him up or putting him in my car.

His collar said his name was Remosa, which confuses me because I’m pretty sure Remosa is a male dog because he peed in every corner he found.

I called the number on the number on the collar but could only leave a voicemail that I had the owner’s dog.

After waiting around for a few moments, I decided to let Remosa take a walk. I didn’t have a leash, which as a frequent dog finder, I probably should. But he walked off always keeping a set distance away from me, making sure I was behind him.

He lead me to a house which I thought was his. It turned out he was just curious about the dogs that lived there. Pit bulls, twice his size.

Pressed for time, an half hour had now passed and I had walked a few blocks away from my car; I called my IT department (Jessica). I had her look up the number of the cell phone I called. From there, she cross-referenced the name with the area I was in, and lo and behold, there was a hit. About 2 blocks the opposite direction I was walking was the person with the same name as the cell phone.

Remosa and I took the stroll to the house. No answer to the doorbell. No answer to knocking.

I walked to the back of the house, and through an open gate, I found a little dog’s living area missing a little dog. Remosa instantly went to get a drink from the bowl so I figured we were at the right place. I closed the gate behind him and petted him for a little bit.

I’m hoping I left him at the right house. As I left, I heard Remosa crying for attention.

I wonder, did the owner of the dog get my voicemail? They never called me back. I’m sure they were thinking, what is this call about, my dog is home. Or did I return the dog to the wrong house?

I don’t usually, but I miss the dog.

Remosa had the body type of a terrier. Could jump really high.
I want a dog like this

Remosa is a Dodger Fan


Family Style French Toast

This morning, I heard my mom telling the kids that french toast was ready.
Later, while leaving for school, I found this on the kitchen table.

4 years from now, while sitting with their peers on a dining table at Camp Cedar Falls, Josh, Ethan and Megan may come to realize that eating french toast with ketchup is an absurd idea. Until then, and for the rest of their life, it’ll be commonplace for their grandmother’s kitchen table.


bowling game for the ages

Megan: Let’s go bowling!
Friend: again?
Megan: Yah, I love it!
Friend: why?
Megan: I don’t know; I feel like I’m good at it.

15 years from now, you’ll forget you won “Best Girl” bowler by knocking down 90 something pins and you’ll forget that you carried the trophy around for days after, but it’ll always be with you.


Lying in a Hammock …

… at William Duffy’s Farm in Pine Island, Minnesota

Over my head, I see the bronze butterfly,
Asleep on the black trunk,
Blowing like a leaf in a green shadow


let’s see what this’ll grow into

8:15 to 11:10
my teacher’s office hours.


List of Winter Olympic Events

The Winter Olympics Sports are categorized into three main categories: (1) ice sports, (2) alpine, skiing and snowboarding events, and (3) Nordic events. In each of these sports there are more events. From the total of 15 sports, there will be 86 individual events at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Ice Sports

  • Bobsled
  • Luge
  • Skeleton
  • Ice Hockey
  • Figure Skating (including Ice Dancing)
  • Speed Skating
  • Short Track Speed Skating
  • Curling

Alpine, Skiing and Snowboarding Events

  • Alpine Skiing
  • Freestyle Skiing (Aerials, Moguls and Ski Cross)
  • Snowboarding (Parallel Giant Slalom, Halfpipe and Snowboard Cross)

Nordic Events

  • Biathlon (cross-country skiing and target shooting)
  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Ski Jumping
  • Nordic Combined (ski jumping and cross country skiing)<
options on a macbook



cats and Doug

it’s been raining like crazy the last few days…