sometimes, you get lucky and you can find the most interesting pictures from the most random of places… someone sent me this picture the other day and i’m not sure why, but it made me feel happy. so decided to share my source of slight happiness with the rest of you.

driving to the bowling alley last night, i told joe that it was going to rain the next day. and lo and behold.. it rained today. how did i know it was going to rain?.. cause i washed my car yesterday and God has a funny sense of humor. the theme for the weekend seems to be God’s sense of humor in my life.

last friday, it took me 2 hours to drive to Knott’s Berry Farm through the middle of rush hour traffic. finally getting to the theme park, after searching endlessly for a parking space and finding one not so far away… it turns out the thing i wanted to buy… the store it was in… well.. there was a power outtage at Knott’s Berry Farm. and.. the one store with the keychain had closed early. what’s the probability…

i went to knotts again the next day and of course there was traffic going… finally getting there.. passing by the store, the perfect parking space was open right for me. the store was open and amazingly the keychain i wanted was half off. what’s the probability…

if you know me.. i don’t believe in coincidence. i don’t believe in chance. things happen for a reason.. and i’m still trying to figure out what the reason for certain things is.. even something as small as the keychain… well.. susan knows the symbolism of it…

i have a new cd in my cd changer… cd #5 – korean drama music. that’s right, i traded my new favorite happy song mix cd for korean drama music… *shrug.. i don’t understand anything they sing about but.. driving alone to dinner on saturday through traffic… i felt such a lonliness listening to the songs… i actually heard one song before.. track 12. kiss – because i’m a girl. i’ve seen the music video of it. it’s.. pretty.. sad… i’ll send it to you if you want.

another good memory song…

spice girls – stop

“stop right now

thank you very much

i need somebody with a human touch”

2 years ago, at kayamm… matt and i came back to civilization for the first time in 3 weeks. for the first time, we saw electricity, running water… an indoor store. we were actually on the top floor of some mall in a cafe. the cafe was playing some fast filipino music when this song came up. it was the first time i heard english speaking music that wasn’t church related in awhile. i remember, the waitress came to us to get our order and she was singing the song very softly. so i stood up and sang the chorus with her.

i find it amazing how.. songs can take me back to so many different times in my life. my deepest feelings i felt when i first heard the song comes to me when i hear the song again. happiness, sadness, anxiety…. i find it amazing, that even after years of not hearing a song, i can sing the chorus to most of them.