The doorbell rang at 9 o’clock. Before I could open my door, the fedex truck was already halfway down the street. A brown box loomed at my doorstep. It begged to be opened.I took the box to the kitchen counter, it’s contents, heavier than I expected. I looked around for some thing sharp. A butter knife…

Not sure why I started this post like it was a novel. I’m going to stop now.

I’m impressed with the packaging. I guess if you want to transport perishable food, it probably needs to be packaged this way.

My package came with 3 days of 6 numbered drinks to take in two hour increments and chlorophyll and aloe vera to drink whenever I want to have something else. The drinks kind of look alien. I also got a tote bag with a cool inner lining. It’s cool because it keeps things cool.

My girlfriend signed me up for one of those hollywood juice cleanses and I’m not going to lie; I’ve been a little bit excited to try it. After a week delay, the day is almost here. It’s not until the night before do I actually look at the instructions to what it entails.

I’ve got no problem putting weird things in my body to make it ‘better’. I grew up drinking weird juice concoctions like carrot/apple/spinach (I almost wanted to spell it spinage) juice. If a fruit/vegetable looked like it contained juice, my mom would juice it. She’d say it’s apple juice or carrot juice… but of course, there would be surprise cabbage inside.

Growing up, I also drank Chinese medicine. Koreans call it hanyak. Yuck, indeed. This stuff contained roots and dirt and deer antler and other things I consider to be mulch all brewed together. Back in the day, my mom had this hanyak brewing machine. When it was on, it’d fill the house with the unique aroma I can only relate to as beach sand during rain. The strainer in the machine was anything but a strainer as my drinks were always left with a little bit of soot and branches at the bottom of the cup that my mom made me swallow because it was good for me.

“You may experience some detox symptoms during the course of your cleanse, such as headaches, dizziness, fatigue, constipation, runny nose, skin eruptions and nausea.”

Umm.. what am I getting myself into. The half of instructions to the cleanse are warnings. It says don’t sweat it. I read somewhere (not from PJ) that when doing a juice cleanse my sweat will be toxic and I should restrain from activities that’ll make me sweat too much and I should shower if I do. PJ does recommend I do light walking.

I’m supposed to drink a lot of water. It’s weird that I’m going to be only drinking juice, but I need to drink more water. It also tells me that it’s probably the best time for me to do a colonic.. I think I’ll pass on this one.

There’s a 3 day prep that I’ve neglected to start until today. Today, Jessica made me little lunch/dinner packages to make sure I stay on track. Salad for lunch. Sushi for dinner. Not my normal cup of tea but not bad. On a side note, I love when people leave me notes (on the side).

I don’t know. I haven’t even started and I’m already starting to get a little hungry. This is going to be a long 3 days.

I saw this guy on his wheelchair, and I fought every urge in my body to jump on the chair and roll down the hill…

I wonder if he gets that a lot.

No… I highly doubt it.

On my blog reader, I read a blurb about Sergio Santos, White Sox Closer. It said that Santos was traded from the Sox to the Giants on the condition that the Giants would give Santos a chance to play. When the Giants couldn’t find a spot for him, they sent him back.

I’ve never heard of anything like that before.

I googled “Sergio Santos trade san francisco condition everyday AAA” and was surprised to find that at least ten websites had the same story.

A few things come to mind

  1. Why is this story aggregated so many times?
  2. That’s really nice of the Sox to think of the well-being of their players. It’s nice of the Giants to uphold their side of the bargain. Classy
  3. Santos is from Bellflower. I know where Bellflower is!

Meanwhile, my Dodgers continue on their tailspin. We’ve got so many issues like the fact that …

  1. … The bullpen is terrible. I expected Broxton to falter. All the signs were there from last year. May it be mental or physical, he just doesn’t have it. Why is it ok to say Kuo has a mental issue, but Broxton doesn’t?
  2. … We don’t hit homeruns. Bryan and I were at a game and noticed that Kemp had more homeruns than the rest of the team combined. (Ethier was sitting that day). A team can win without hitting a lot of homeruns. It’s just that Dodgers plays like we’re a homerun hitting team.
  3. … There’s been a lot of injuries. Blake, Furcal… Gibbons (kind of). Carroll’s filled in admirably. He seems to be 2 for something every game. Miles is hitting .29(something) which is good, but has only walked twice which gives him an OBP of .30(something) which is terrible. Jerry Sands is pretty terrible.
  4. … James Loney is lost. I’ve never been a big fan of Loney, but I’ve tried to like him. On the field, he’s so slick. I’ve seen him save games with his glove. If he hit .280 and hit 15 hrs, I’d be ok with that. Except he doesn’t hit that. He’s slugging .270 right now which ranks him 3rd worst for a 1st baseman with 150 at bats since expansion. That’s about 50 years of players. Dodger talk always says, but we else do we have to play.
    • how about Jerry sands, who’s hitting under .200 but still has a higher slg than Loney.
    • or Ethier, who’s only played first base once but obviously has some elbow issue right now that makes it difficult for him to throw from right.
    • or Casey Blake… when he comes back from the DL
    • or Jamey Carroll, who’s never played 1st, is probably too short, but isn’t Loney. The guy is a gamer but will probably get pushed to the bench when Blake and Furcal come back.

Speaking of the Dodgers

I’ve gone to two games this year, both midday games. In total, I’ve seen the Dodgers score one run.

  1. It’s amazing how empty the stadium was the games I attended.
  2. It’s easy to find cheap tickets.
  3. The Dodgers have a lot ticket deals this year and still I can find cheaper tickets online.
  4. Half off mid-day games are very much worth the price of admission.
  5. There’s cops everywhere.
  6. To answer the question asked at Dodger Talk yesterday, low scoring games are boring to attend especially when we lose

On NPR, the commentator was discussing how Frank McCourt owns Chavez Ravine, also known as the parking lot Dodgers Stadium sits upon. If someone were to buy the Dodgers, they’d have to pay McCourt 14 million a year to play at Dodgers Stadium. The reporter, I forget his name, went on to say the new owner should threaten to leave Dodgers Stadium and move the team to some place deeper in the city. Though the plan was out of jest, it made me think… As much as I hated the idea at first, I started to like the idea of the Dodgers moving.

  • I very much hate the fact that the there’s no actual metro system to Dodgers Stadium. We have the “trolley”, but I mean a rail.
  • Parking is ridiculously expensive.
  • The stadium is pretty at certain times of the day, but it’s too hot in the afternoon.
  • Seating was great at one point, but McCourt decided to create new seats in front of the old seats. Now the angles are weird in some places and you have to look over a bunch of heads to watch the game.

So yeah, as long as the team stays somewhere in LA, I’m down with a move.

As bad as the team is, I still listen to the games religiously. I check stats, read blogs, still live Dodger blue. On the plus side, lower attendance means cheaper tickets for me. And the “element” seems to have disappeared from the stadium. I still believe that the Dodgers have a chance for the playoffs as fool-hearted as that may be. (When are we going to stop playing that song in the 8th?)

I crave a Dodger dog. Who’s down to go to a Half-Priced Food game on June 18th?


Talking about games we play

I nearly squealed when I found out Diablo III might be coming out at the end of the year. I remember nearly peeing myself the first time I met the Butcher in the original Diablo. In hindsight, the graphics look pretty ridiculous now. But, that sound track still gives me the heeby jeebies. Old Cain’s voice still moves me a little. I’m sure I’ll be one of the first in line to get Diablo 3 when it comes out and be one of the first to toss it aside when the people who play it get too crazy and too specialized and every character gets built the same way because it’s “the best build”.

Are there any games that bring back fond memories for you?

I’m a tab-whore. Instead of closing windows when I browse, I almost always open a new tab. While I was reading up on the 5-technique in football (interesting if you like football but know what it is), I realized my train of thought can be followed by looking at my tabs.

This morning, it went like this.

If you can’t see it, it goes…

espn > facebook > espn > facebook > this blog > this blog editor > facebook > vw shop > facebook > fantasy baseball > facebook > google reader > google search on five technique > the five technique

I find my fingers, when surfing the web idly, typing out f-a-c-e. I’m not sure exactly why though. I’m not a facebook stalker. I rarely check other people’s profiles unless I have something to say to them. I look at my recent news feed, my profile and maybe Jessica’s and then I’m out. Maybe I just need some new websites to browse.

Here’s my normal rotation

  • – Facebook
  • – Google Reader
  • – SlickDeals
  • – Hulu
  • –
  • – ESPN
  • – Fantasy Baseball
  • – Yahoo top news

Google reader encompasses a lot of blogs that I follow. Occasionally, I go to blackboard, fatwallet and torrent sites.

I need new sites to follow.

Here’s a few I’ve thought of

  • Ted – I’m not big on video though. I’d prefer to read and I feel like I’m wasting my time watching a presentation.

Well, I guess that’s it actually.

I don’t know. Suggest a few sites I should follow.

Yesterday, I was silently listening to one of my nephews playing the piano. He was playing Old McDonald. Without a word, he stopped playing and looked at me. I walked to the piano and repeated his rendition of Old McDonald, being careful to copy his tempo and timbre. Then I broke into the first two lines of Mozart Piano Sonata no. 16. I stopped and quickly left out the door. He began playing Old McDonald again.

As I closed the front door, I heard his dad yelling and repeating.. did you just play that?

As I was walking to Coffee Bean at Irvine Spectrum, a girl from greenpeace stood like Nitro in a narrow walkway.

It bothers me when strangers approach me.

Even getting greeted at clothes stores bother me. I knew this girl from greenpeace was going to come up to me even though I was making it very obvious that I was trying to avoid her. She charged at me with a determined smile on her face and said,

“You like whales, right?”

I replied, “No, Sorry.” And walked away.

Afterwards, I thought, “Great, now someone thinks I don’t like whales.”


I’ve been to Irvine Spectrum enough times this week that I’m sure my butt print is in the middle of the bench in coffee bean. Driving down isn’t so bad, except that I have to pass the giant A at Angel Stadium. It bothers me. There’s just something eerie about seeing unusually large man-made things from so far away, and Anaheim has plenty of them.. like, Matterhorn at Disneyland, the Water Tower that is seen off the 5, and this thing I’m pretty sure I saw next to Angel Stadium.


On an unrelated note, I saw the google car that takes pictures of the road for the street view in google maps. Maybe I’ll be in google maps now. Google’s image of my house must be pretty old because my grandfather’s car is still parked outside my house. It has to be at least 4 years old.


When I left Coffee Bean in Irvine Spectrum, I took a longer route to the parking lot because I wanted to avoid certain people. Unfortunately, a second group of greenpea(s) were blocking my return path. I was spotted by one at about 100 feet, and he began to approach me and reached me even though, I was walking very obviously in a way to try to avoid him. He greeted me with a friendly hi and said,

“hey, you’ve got a few moments of time to spare, right?”

I replied, “No, sorry. I don’t like whales.”

He looked at me flabbergasted.

Whales suck.

I was gearing up to get some Subway but was crushed to realize it’s now March.

Already in our 3rd month, can we technically say that 2011 just started? Time flies so quickly.

Though, 3 years and 1 month ago seems like forever ago. I hardly remember life before then.

I woke up to the alarm on my squeezebox this morning and didn’t press snooze. I was 5 minutes early to class and I even showered in the morning.

Yesterday, at Irvine Spectrum, in a matter of a few hours, I consumed over 2000 calories. About 400 for the ice blended I got at coffee bean, over 1000 for the brocolli sun-dried tomato fusilli from cpk, and some of Jessica’s bbq chicken pizza. Oh, I forgot to even count the pre-meal bread which I’m sure is a couple hundred by itself. I think I realized why we stopped going to cpk. I know I’m eating too many calories. I don’t want to know exactly how much.

The check engine light came on in my car on Friday night. It hurts my heart whenever I see it.

When I saw Sam perform this weekend, I felt so proud. I can imagine this will be like how I’ll feel when I see my child perform, whenever/if ever that will be. You were the best act in the show.

I always feel compelled to start each post with, “It’s been a while since I posted here” but then, all my posts would start with, “it’s been a while since I posted here” but I can’t seem to get my flow on to write anything… So..

It’s been a while since I posted here.

For 2011, I’m going to…

  • not hit the snooze:
    I don’t know who created the snooze button. It’s such a dumb invention. My rational awake night self says that I must be awake by a certain time, but my irrational morning self tells me it’s OK to sleep for another few minutes. Lately, I’ve accounted for pushing on the snooze button and I’ve set my alarm earlier so I can push the snooze a few times. Problem is, when I’m sleepy, I lose track of how many times I push the button. I’m not going to do that anymore. From now on, I wake up when I set alarm.
  • see 170 something again:
    I’m right there at the cusp of it. I’m around 184 to 186. I’ve concluded it’s probably impossible for me to drop to what my “normal” weight should be. In the last half-year I’ve dropped my bmi from obesity to only overweight. Yay for being an American. I need to drop 25 pounds to reach normal. I haven’t been “normal” for 10 years. I think the bmi calculator is misleading though. If you see a 5’7″ male that’s only 127 pounds, I don’t think you can call them normal. (Though I was that weight at one point)
  • not shave my head:
    This is a tough one. In 2010, I realized how much cheaper it is to not have to pay for a haircut. I’d buzz my hair to 3 all around. My dad hated it. Jessica always said “I like when your hair is longer.” And overall, I think I look kind of stupid too. I’m going to get a hit on my wallet, but I’m going to get my hair cut professionally. I wonder if the women at baek’s still remember. I doubt they wouldn’t.
  • bench two plates:
    I don’t mean just max out at 225, but do reps at 225. I don’t push myself enough when I’m the gym. That’s probably why I’m still doing the same weights I did years ago. I want to be able to hit homeruns in softball which means I have to work out my legs. It’s something I’ve always avoided but I won’t anymore.
  • create a better sleeping environment:
    I’m going to sleep with the lights off, computer off. I’ve made it a habit of sleeping when I’m completely exhausted. Jessica says I’m narcoleptic. I just don’t like to sleep until I have to. I’ve woken up too many times in the middle of the night with my computer on, the lights on, the radio maybe on or something streaming on hulu. It makes me groggy for the rest of the day.

I think it’s good to write posts like this. It sets markers in my life and allows me to see how much I progressed.

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