I always feel compelled to start each post with, “It’s been a while since I posted here” but then, all my posts would start with, “it’s been a while since I posted here” but I can’t seem to get my flow on to write anything… So..

It’s been a while since I posted here.

For 2011, I’m going to…

  • not hit the snooze:
    I don’t know who created the snooze button. It’s such a dumb invention. My rational awake night self says that I must be awake by a certain time, but my irrational morning self tells me it’s OK to sleep for another few minutes. Lately, I’ve accounted for pushing on the snooze button and I’ve set my alarm earlier so I can push the snooze a few times. Problem is, when I’m sleepy, I lose track of how many times I push the button. I’m not going to do that anymore. From now on, I wake up when I set alarm.
  • see 170 something again:
    I’m right there at the cusp of it. I’m around 184 to 186. I’ve concluded it’s probably impossible for me to drop to what my “normal” weight should be. In the last half-year I’ve dropped my bmi from obesity to only overweight. Yay for being an American. I need to drop 25 pounds to reach normal. I haven’t been “normal” for 10 years. I think the bmi calculator is misleading though. If you see a 5’7″ male that’s only 127 pounds, I don’t think you can call them normal. (Though I was that weight at one point)
  • not shave my head:
    This is a tough one. In 2010, I realized how much cheaper it is to not have to pay for a haircut. I’d buzz my hair to 3 all around. My dad hated it. Jessica always said “I like when your hair is longer.” And overall, I think I look kind of stupid too. I’m going to get a hit on my wallet, but I’m going to get my hair cut professionally. I wonder if the women at baek’s still remember. I doubt they wouldn’t.
  • bench two plates:
    I don’t mean just max out at 225, but do reps at 225. I don’t push myself enough when I’m the gym. That’s probably why I’m still doing the same weights I did years ago. I want to be able to hit homeruns in softball which means I have to work out my legs. It’s something I’ve always avoided but I won’t anymore.
  • create a better sleeping environment:
    I’m going to sleep with the lights off, computer off. I’ve made it a habit of sleeping when I’m completely exhausted. Jessica says I’m narcoleptic. I just don’t like to sleep until I have to. I’ve woken up too many times in the middle of the night with my computer on, the lights on, the radio maybe on or something streaming on hulu. It makes me groggy for the rest of the day.

I think it’s good to write posts like this. It sets markers in my life and allows me to see how much I progressed.