i was browsing my parents’ downstairs computer when i came across these pictures my sister took after going to the circus. i was utterly shocked.


i look so plump.

i’m not sure exactly what’s going on. ever since last winter, i’ve been fighting a losing battle with my weight. when these pictures were taken (about a month ago), i was just about 165. since then, i’ve been faithfully going to the gym (at least 3 times a week), surfing at least weekly and finding other forms of exercise.

i just weighed myself. i’m at 172. granted i just came from “the hat” so i’m sure i’m carrying extra weight but still.. 172. this is the first time over 169. all these weeks of working out have left me not only weighing more but also with an irritating pain in my arm and back.

i suppose i have to step it up a notch. i think my biggest weakness is my love for soda. more specifically with pepsi. it’s just so incredibly tasty… so.. good.. sigh.

i drink pepsi like it’s water.

so, for the next few weeks i will…
– drink more water. two cups in the morning, two cups at night
– drink diet pepsi.
– keep up going to the gym
– surf

any more suggestions are always welcome.

it’s her, whispered through the trees
so refreshing is the breeze
the touch consumes my very soul
and takes my hand, a midnight stroll
then sadly waves good bye at dawn
and without thought, gone

i was watching jeopardy today. teen jeopardy i believe. the answer was something like: “this sport was invented in the 1970’s by (inventor)” and they showed a picture of a guy with a body board.

first – girl: “what is surfing” no
second – boy: “what is wakeboarding” no
third – boy: “what is skimboarding” no
alex trabec: “we were looking for body boarding. actually i never heard of it either till this question”

conclusion: nerds have never been to the beach.

i recently noticed something. there’s a group of restaurants that i’ve been constantly craving and visiting lately. lucky boy in pasadena. the hat. mr baguette on valley. baja fresh. what do they have in common. peppercinis. my mouth salivates so much when i see them, my taste buds hurt.

i wish i went to lucky boys

so… since my last post, i actually passed 10,000 hits. i actually passed it the day after i posted it. not sure who the 10,000th hit is though. someone from my sister’s website. because i don’t know. i’ll give ice cream to the first person to sign my guestbook.

not sure why, but all day today, i was under the impression that it was already february. and i feel slightly perplexed that it’s still january. i feel like i gained two days in my life. though, i have to admit, i’d much rather it be february right now.

i was tired of putting numbers in my post titles

i was looking over my website stats, and i got more than double my hits from last month. and there’s still two more days. in december, i had the lowest hits i’ve had on this site for a year. and this january is the most hits i’ve had in a year.

i think the increase of traffic is connected to two things; (minor) using tags in my posts and (major) link on my sister’s website.

though the extra traffic is nice, i realize it also means there’s more random people reading this website and i feel like i have to once again censor what i have to say. i probably won’t though. i don’t really write anything offensive anyway.

sometime next month, i’m going to get my 10,000th hit on the website. what a milestone. i guess i’ll tell you this, if i can figure out who my 10,000th hit is, i’ll give them ice cream. (ie, i know when sarah or joanne look at my website, because they leave guestbook messages)

chances are i won’t know who it was though

this post is not going to be about God even though i said it would be. i got a guestbook hit from sarah and she was somewhat disgruntled about there being no reference to the origin of my website name.

on a side note, i guess if you (the reader) want me (the writer) to write about my opinion or knowledge about anything in particular, any topic, ask me to on my guestbook. this is an open offer, though i doubt anyone but possibly sarah or joanne would take me up on it.

once upon a midnight dreary, while sarah crafted, weak and weary…

i don’t quite remember how the story goes, but it starts with joey going somewhere. and ends with sarah making him a sign for his return. halfway through the first couple of letters she realized she couldn’t fit all the letters in to finish “welcome” in one line. very un-sarah-like she decides to not start again and just finish it as is.

joey proudly displayed this sign above his bookcase of his living room.

perched, and sat, and nothing more.

and for every bible study afterwards, when my mind wandered, i pondered the strange message. i promised to someday make a website using the message and that is the origin of the website name.

i’d write more.. but it’s… 2:43 in the morning.. i’m butt tired.