my weight

i’ve been gaining weight. and lots of it. if i really think about it, i think it started sometime last fall. for whatever reason, i was struggling to maintain my equilibrium weight of 155. by the beginning of december, i shot up to 167; the highest i’ve ever been in my life. so, according to my lone december post by joanne i decided to diet.

after a strict diet of subway and diet soda, by january 4th, i was back to 157.

but i let myself go again. and started gaining weight again.
i think it started mid february and it hasn’t stop..

here’s the list of people and what they’ve said

jonathan – wow tim, you have a stomach.
james – yah, you do

joe – (touching my stomach) you’ve been gaining weight

sarah – you’re gaining weight; i don’t like it. don’t like it at all.

jennifer – you’re not fat; you’re chubby.

mom – (talking to my dad in korean at the dinner table with me sitting across from her) look at him, he’s gaining weight. wow, why’s he so fat?

uncle tom – so you’ve been gaining weight. maybe you should work out

the kicker was my grandfather last wednesday. family and tact never seem to work together. while my mom was on the phone, he said to her in korean, “oh, lynn won’s body is getting big.” because my mom has a one track mind, she could only pay attention to the phone. so he repeated it over and over again.

sidenote – i think when they talk in korean, they think i don’t understand

i weighed myself in april and i had climbed to an astronomic 172. yet i did nothing about it. but now i hear my grandfather’s words echoing in my head.

1. get to 145
2. get a six pack
3. run 3 miles under 19 minutes.
4. be able to touch rim
5. learn to swim without flailing

i’ll set my deadline to august. against all diet advice, i’m going to check my weight every day; i’ll post my weight whenever i write a post.

last week, i had a terrible ear ache and i couldn’t eat so i’ve already lost weight. yesterday, i found my gym membership and went to the gym.

we’ll see how this goes.

my hair

last time i got my hair cut was about… 2 and a half months ago. hmm… thought it was longer. there’s such a big difference from really short hair to what my hair is now. i need to use so much more shampoo and the hair retains heat that i’m not used to. i want to cut it but i probably won’t. i’d say in a couple weeks, my sideburns will pass my earlobes.

i haven’t been gelling it; it’s too hard to. oddly, people have said they’ve liked. it’s even more odd when people ask me if i cut it. yes, i cut it longer. elliot said it was sexy which makes me look at him slightly differently now.

hair is very important to me. not sure how long i can go without cutting it.

going to the gym now

current weight: 165.4

this post is not going to be about God even though i said it would be. i got a guestbook hit from sarah and she was somewhat disgruntled about there being no reference to the origin of my website name.

on a side note, i guess if you (the reader) want me (the writer) to write about my opinion or knowledge about anything in particular, any topic, ask me to on my guestbook. this is an open offer, though i doubt anyone but possibly sarah or joanne would take me up on it.

once upon a midnight dreary, while sarah crafted, weak and weary…

i don’t quite remember how the story goes, but it starts with joey going somewhere. and ends with sarah making him a sign for his return. halfway through the first couple of letters she realized she couldn’t fit all the letters in to finish “welcome” in one line. very un-sarah-like she decides to not start again and just finish it as is.

joey proudly displayed this sign above his bookcase of his living room.

perched, and sat, and nothing more.

and for every bible study afterwards, when my mind wandered, i pondered the strange message. i promised to someday make a website using the message and that is the origin of the website name.

i’d write more.. but it’s… 2:43 in the morning.. i’m butt tired.