Day 2 was hard. Much harder than the first day. I had a busy day and I think that’s what contributed for it. Right around the afternoon, I started getting a numb pain on the top of my head. I was also having a little bit of trouble concentrating. At night, my muscles/joints started to ache. I get the same feeling in my muscles after I work out too.

I read that on the second/third day you’re supposed to get a surge of energy, but I haven’t yet.

I had a two-hour class in the evening and although I had a drink before class, I was dying to come home to drink the next one. Too hungry and my head hurt.

I’m taking in so many liquids but I’m still dehydrated. Pressed Juicery recommends to drink 2 liters of water a day on top of the drinks. Each one of the bottles is about .5 liters so I’m supposed to be drinking about 5 liters a day. Insane.

On a positive note, I’ve lost 2 pounds but I think I know why.

What this diet has made me realize is how much I snack throughout the day. While driving home, I passed a 7-11 and every part of me wanted to buy a ice cream sandwich. During break, I wanted to buy a snickers bar from the vending machine. Every time I passed the snack bar in my house, I wanted to grab something small to munch on.

Little things that add up to too many calories.

One day, when I was teaching English in Korea, someone brought a lot of watermelons. Late at night, the older high school students and I dared each other to eat a whole watermelon. Through the wee hours of that night, the bathrooms in the boys’ dorm probably got the most traffic it had ever seen. I had never peed so much in my entire life… until maybe yesterday.

I guess it only makes sense given the amount of liquids I’ve been drinking that I’d be ‘going’ a lot, but I swear I think I’m peeing more than I’m drinking. The feeling is sudden and too frequent.

Day one passed relatively easily. I can say that I never was hungry; I can’t be. My stomach is literally always full. I’m ingesting 16 oz drinks every 2 hours plus 2 more 16 oz drinks to drink in between those plus extra water. I think I’m having an easier time of it than my girlfriend.

I think the hardest part is not the hunger but cravings. I crave something loaded with salt or butter. Peanuts or pretzels. Meat and rice. Bread from the boat. Chips and sour cream eaten in the car.

I took a nap in the afternoon; I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. Of course, it was rudely interrupted because of my need to go to the bathroom again. I had an odd headache located on the top of my head. We took a short trip around the town on our bikes even though strenuous exercise isn’t recommended but I think that really helped a lot. My head felt better after.

Day two; I already drank drink #1 (greens 2). It tastes better than what I remember but may I’m just used to it. I’m already dreading drinking roots 4 and the chlorophyll.

Oh, I weighed myself this morning and I weigh the same. Bleh.

I know the main purpose of the juice cleanse isn’t to lose weight. But face it, I’m doing it to lose weight. I set a goal in January to lose 20 pounds by the end of June and today, I weighed in at 186.8 pounds. I’ve lost about 7 pounds. I guess I’m a little behind but knowing that I didn’t start dieting until last month, I think I’m doing pretty well. Hopefully this juice cleanse is what I need to take it to the next level.

Drink #1 (Green 2) is not so bad. I think it tastes like celery. Jessica thinks it tastes like salad. Her dad thinks it smells like sour miso soup.

I already feel like my system is starting to move.

The doorbell rang at 9 o’clock. Before I could open my door, the fedex truck was already halfway down the street. A brown box loomed at my doorstep. It begged to be opened.I took the box to the kitchen counter, it’s contents, heavier than I expected. I looked around for some thing sharp. A butter knife…

Not sure why I started this post like it was a novel. I’m going to stop now.

I’m impressed with the packaging. I guess if you want to transport perishable food, it probably needs to be packaged this way.

My package came with 3 days of 6 numbered drinks to take in two hour increments and chlorophyll and aloe vera to drink whenever I want to have something else. The drinks kind of look alien. I also got a tote bag with a cool inner lining. It’s cool because it keeps things cool.

My girlfriend signed me up for one of those hollywood juice cleanses and I’m not going to lie; I’ve been a little bit excited to try it. After a week delay, the day is almost here. It’s not until the night before do I actually look at the instructions to what it entails.

I’ve got no problem putting weird things in my body to make it ‘better’. I grew up drinking weird juice concoctions like carrot/apple/spinach (I almost wanted to spell it spinage) juice. If a fruit/vegetable looked like it contained juice, my mom would juice it. She’d say it’s apple juice or carrot juice… but of course, there would be surprise cabbage inside.

Growing up, I also drank Chinese medicine. Koreans call it hanyak. Yuck, indeed. This stuff contained roots and dirt and deer antler and other things I consider to be mulch all brewed together. Back in the day, my mom had this hanyak brewing machine. When it was on, it’d fill the house with the unique aroma I can only relate to as beach sand during rain. The strainer in the machine was anything but a strainer as my drinks were always left with a little bit of soot and branches at the bottom of the cup that my mom made me swallow because it was good for me.

“You may experience some detox symptoms during the course of your cleanse, such as headaches, dizziness, fatigue, constipation, runny nose, skin eruptions and nausea.”

Umm.. what am I getting myself into. The half of instructions to the cleanse are warnings. It says don’t sweat it. I read somewhere (not from PJ) that when doing a juice cleanse my sweat will be toxic and I should restrain from activities that’ll make me sweat too much and I should shower if I do. PJ does recommend I do light walking.

I’m supposed to drink a lot of water. It’s weird that I’m going to be only drinking juice, but I need to drink more water. It also tells me that it’s probably the best time for me to do a colonic.. I think I’ll pass on this one.

There’s a 3 day prep that I’ve neglected to start until today. Today, Jessica made me little lunch/dinner packages to make sure I stay on track. Salad for lunch. Sushi for dinner. Not my normal cup of tea but not bad. On a side note, I love when people leave me notes (on the side).

I don’t know. I haven’t even started and I’m already starting to get a little hungry. This is going to be a long 3 days.