added an easier rss feed link to find on the sidebar

added a couple links to the sidebar.

1. sarah‘s website
2. my sister‘s photo-website
3. link to zipped chords for praise


update – realized something was wrong with my archives. it has to do with me running an old blogger. apparently now, blogger doesn’t automatically compile an archive file and the only way to archive is through a side bar. me having 6 years of archives and almost a post every month, it came out to about 70 extra links on the sidebar. so i added a drop down menu.

i also made some cosmetic changes but i’m not sure if i like it.

few changes on the website

added the ability to leave comments – we’ll see how this goes. i’ve had comments before, but the lack of comments made me sad and i got rid of them. when i have comments, no one signs my guestbook either.

recent comments – you can see recent comments on the side bar. hopefully it’ll fill up.

web link – added sarah’s weblink

rss feed – changed my feed from full to short. this way people who use my feed in a reader need to come to the website to see the whole post

label – added website label

that’s it, i think. so comment and i’ll be happy. btw, my sister just did a mass update so make sure to visit her site.

there’s this jack in the box commercial that aired during the superbowl. jack’s son is speaking in front of the school. he says “i wanna be a vegetarian. vegetarians are the best.” cracks me up every time i see it.

vegetarians can heal dogs

to the surprise of no one, jack in the box is my least favorite fast food restaurant. there’s just nothing to eat there. coming in second probably is mcdonalds.

another commercial from the superbowl is about the lexus IS. i think this is one of the most misleading ads on tv. the premise of the ad makes it seem like a lexus IS can accelerate faster than gravity.

through physics, with a wheel driven land car, this is an impossibility. in actuality, the car in the commercial is already in motion before the other car is dropped.

in reality, most if not all modern cars can do what the commercial claims as long as their initial speed is high enough.

stupid commercial; drives me nuts whenever i see it.

a couple website changes. they’re mostly cosmetic, but here’s the list
– background pic
– changed rss to have full descriptions not just partial
– added a few labels to past entries so the rss link is slightly off
– changed orange to a blue/green
– changed certain colors
– added blue to my necklace
– added labels link
– added side pictures